TBR Lows & Highs 001

TBR Lows & Highs 001

To make my blog a little more interesting (because let’s be honest, I don’t read as fast as I want to and I can’t just post book reviews when I get to them), I’m adding more weekly memes and content to my blog. First one that I’ll post on Mondays will be TBR Lows & Highs, a weekly meme hosted and created by Howling Libraries (one of the most amazing people in the world! Seriously, go check her out!) If this is something you want to join as well, here is the original link for the rules and story of how this weekly meme came to be!

So let’s get started shall we?

1. City of Bones – Cassandra Clare
I think I may be the only person in the world that is not into this book. I tried to read it once before, totally hated Clary and just had to put it down. I wanted to read it because of the Shadowhunters TV show that came out – because I fell in complete LOVE with Izzy – but even show Clary couldn’t keep my interest. I think it’s time to retire this book from my library completely.
2. Night World Vol. 1 – L. J. Smith
I put this book on my TBR because I believe I purchased all three volumes of these books way back in the day but have yet to read them. I still haven’t given them away either, but they never come to mind on books that I should actually read.
3. The Lying Game – Sara Shepard
I’m pretty sure I added this book because of Pretty Little Liars (which I also never read, only watched part of the show) and I don’t remember why I found this appealing. I don’t think I’ll ever actively search for a copy of this book to read.
4. Insanity – Cameron Jace
This one is actually breaking my heart to remove because I have wanted to read this for years now (it’s been in my TBR pile since January 2015), but I’m having such a hard time reading books on Kindle now, and I haven’t found a physical copy of this book yet to read. I know it exists because Goodreads says it does, but I haven’t found it yet. Bye bye, Alice.
5. Batman: Year One – Frank Miller & David Mazzucchelli
I may say I’m into comics, but when was the last time I read one? Leelynn, be reasonable please. I love Batman, but I’m not going to read a comic book anytime soon. Nothing against them, I just can’t focus on them anymore.
1. Lost Boy – Christina Henry
I feel like this book was supposed to have been on my TBR a while ago? But I’m a sucker for origin stories and I like the idea of an Evil Peter Pan (think Once Upon a Time type). I’ve always known that Peter wasn’t always a good guy, and this origin story of the boy that would be Captain Hook and how he came to this island is one that I need to learn more about.
2. The Deathless Girls – Kiran Millwood Hargrave
One, I’m trying to do better at stepping out of my comfort zone of favorite authors or favorite genres. So while this is still a YA book, this is a YA debut from Hargrave and I’ve never had the pleasure of reading her books before. Plus it’s about the brides of Dracula, who ever get good stories. I’m so down.
3. Withering Rose – Kaitlyn Davis
Retellings are seriously addicting to me. There’s really nothing more to say about it. Plus this one looks like a novella (210 pages) so it will be a nice break to the longer books I’ve been reading lately.
4. Breakwater – Catherine Jones Payne
I’m obsessed with anything mermaids. I work in Norfolk, and our mascot is a FREAKING MERMAID! Do you know how amazing this us? So why would I NOT add another mermaid book to my TBR? Plus check out that tail and her hair?! Goddess status.
5. Impulse – Vanessa Garden
This was such a cover pick. I love mermaids, and the cover gives mermaid vibes so I said to add it. Plus reading the synopsis, there’s an underwater city involved so I’m down for it. However, since this is the second book of the Submerged Sun series, I’m gonna have to find the first one first.
So here you go for my first TBR Lows & Highs post. What do you think? Have you already read any of these books? Have you removed any of these from your own TBR? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time.
– Leelynn

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