Weekly Wrap-Up: May

Weekly Wrap-Up: May

I can’t believe May is already over! Well, in less than two hours it will be June, and two weeks until my freaking birthday! How cool, right? So I guess this will be my birthday present for me: revamping my book blog to make it better than it has been and hopefully have more fun doing it.

Since I just got back into reading more consistently only recently, I don’t have as many books on my wrap-up as, let’s say, January 2018 when I read 30 books that month. Trust me, I may not get at that level again for a while, but I’m working on it. Have you read any of these books? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments below!

Started: April 30, 2019
Finished: May 2, 2019
Rating: 4 stars
Thoughts: I was not expecting to like this book so much, especially because I swear I’m not a contemporary girl, but I really did like it! I know it’s supposed to be a movie and I don’t know if I want to watch it after reading this (maybe for a book vs. movie showdown) but I am thoroughly surprised at how this turned out and fell in love with both Stella and Will. A sweet love story for the ages.

Started: May 3, 2019
Finished: May 8, 2019
Rating: 5 stars
Thoughts: I could not get enough of this book. I fell in love with it from the moment I heard from Elisa and wanted to know even more once I heard from Marisol. Having the story come from two different time periods and two different amazing women was so haunting and mesmerizing to me. Check out my full review for more cohesive thoughts.

Started: December 9, 2018 (long hiatus in between)
Finished: May 12, 2019
Rating: 3 stars
Thoughts: This one was one that took me a while to get through because I couldn’t decide on which format was helping me get through it. Some of it had to be with an audiobook, but I finished the rest of it in a physical copy. Such a weird experience. There weren’t really any of the main characters I liked except for Joe, and I felt like he got the least screen-time. If you’re into WWII history though, I’d recommend it.

Started: May 10, 2019
Finished: May 17, 2019
Rating: 4 stars
Thoughts: By the time it was over, I was all like “what the heck just happened”. The first half of the book threw me for a loop because the second half felt like it took some weird turn. I felt for Vanessa, although a part of me wasn’t sure if I liked her. Definitely hated Richard, and I was just glad that Vanessa was – for all intents and purposes – safe again. That epilogue though.

Started: May 22, 2019
Finished: May 26, 2019
Rating: 3 stars
Thoughts: Definitely check out my full review if you want to hear more, but basically I thought the concept could have been explored a little bit more than what happened in this book. I did not like Sam, and felt like he was a lame protagonist, but I also felt like he was the scapegoat for a lot of things that the group didn’t want to deal with. Thanks to Netgalley for the chance to review it (even though I was late).

Started: May 15, 2019
Finished: May 29, 2019
Rating: 3 stars
Thoughts: Also did a full review on this one (maybe I should only do full reviews and 4-5 star books? Will debate on this later). I’m definitely not a Women’s Fiction connoisseur so I really took a chance with this one. I do see how this was a really well-told story about friendships when they stand the test of time and grow along with the women themselves. The ending was a doozy though, although Kristin Hannah tried to let us down slowly.

Started: May 30, 2019
DNF: May 31, 2019
Rating: 2 stars
Thoughts: I left a review for this one because I felt like I should at least give a reason why I couldn’t finish it. I didn’t even get to the halfway mark, and I just couldn’t do it anymore. Maybe I need to listen to it instead (if there is ever an audiobook), or maybe just have a physical book to get through it, but right now it’s just a no for me.

Started: January 29, 2018 (way long hiatus)
Finished: May 31, 2019
Rating: 4 stars
Thoughts: This book was truly haunting for me. Hearing the lives of four siblings after they learn their death date really put things into perspective for me. My review probably makes more sense than this mini blurb, but basically this book will stay with me for a while.

Well that’s all I got so far! Looking forward to seeing how next week goes. Have a wonderful June and I’ll see you soon.


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