Thunderlight by Adrienne Woods

Thunderlight by Adrienne Woods

Vibrant, scale swathed wings… Abilities that can be harnessed by a chosen few… Dragons…

All this may seem like old news, but for seventeen year-old Elena Watkins the world of Paegeia is not finished revealing all its secrets. During a summer break intended for relaxation, she discovers that her harrowing adventure to retrieve the King of Lion sword wasn’t the destiny foretold by the cryptic Viden, a dragon with the ability to see a person’s true fate. The words inked onto the page of the mysterious Book of Shadows remains black and Elena must return to Dragonia Academy to discover their true meaning.

Upon her return to the magnificent castle she has to face a challenge of a different kind, keeping her boyfriend Lucian McKenzie, the Prince of Tith and love of her life, away from the dangerous new student, Paul Sutton. As a Wyvern, Paul has made it his mission to claim Elena as his rider but he is proving to be more perilous than at first glance.

Everyone knew that Wyverns were bad news, and just as evil as the darkness that lurked inside Blake Leaf, the Rubicon forced to fight against his inner nature every day. But Elena can see a small light lurking in the darkness, a destiny still unfulfilled; to prove that Wyverns can be claimed.

Will Lucian’s dark secret about Wyverns and Elena’s need to prove their true nature cause their love to be torn apart? And which of Elena’s friends will be sacrificed this time if she is wrong? 

Book Overview:

Author: Adrienne Woods | Series: The Dragonian Series | Format: Audiobook | Narrated by: A. T. Chandler and Erin Moon | Length: 14 hours, 49 minutes | Publish Date: November 20, 2014 | Genre: YA Fantasy | Rating: ★ ★ ★  | Recommend; Yes

“Evil isn’t capable of telling the truth.” 

Well, I’m glad to say that at least this book was better than the first.

It still wasn’t my absolute favorite, and this still isn’t my favorite series, but it definitely got better over time. Elena still isn’t super savvy on what’s going on in the world of Dragonia, but she’s getting a little better. She still has her whiny moments though, and I’m trying to figure out where it’s coming from when she’s constantly surrounded by people that know that things are going to be tough when things are going down. It’s not like Dragonia is in a state of peace or anything. So what’s with the whining, Elena?

I laughed so hard when Master Long Fei told her to stop her whining. Just straight to her face. I was at work too, so I could imagine the office wondering what the heck was so funny to me.

There’s so much more drama in this one. Attacks on students, people dying, just chaos in general. Not to mention we get a glimpse of what’s happening in Eton, and that is always interesting. The villain is great, from what we can see. We don’t get to see much of what he is doing out there, but having another voice involved in the book made it more interesting.

This is a super short review, and I apologize for it. The things I really want to comment on would be spoilers, and we all know I try my hardest not to spoil books. But I will say that this book was better, and if you’re able to get through the first book, you’ll appreciate this book more.

Here goes the next book in the series!

Firebolt by Adrienne Woods

Firebolt by Adrienne Woods

Dragons. Right. Teenage girls don’t believe in fairy tales, and sixteen-year old Elena Watkins was no different.
Until the night a fairy tale killed her father.
Now Elena’s in a new world, and a new school. The cutest guy around may be an evil dragon, a Prince wants Elena’s heart, and a long dead sorcerer may be waking up to kill her. Oh. And the only way Elena’s going to graduate is on the back of a dragon of her own.
Teenage girls don’t believe in fairy tales. Now it’s time for Elena to believe – in herself.

Book Overview: 

Author: Adrienne Woods | Series: The Dragonian Series | Format: Audiobook | Narrated by: Erin Moon | Length: 10 hours, 37 minutes | Publish Date: September 19, 2014 | Genre: YA Fantasy/Paranormal | Rating: ★ ★ ★ | Recommend: Maybe

“ The leaves of change will come at last, when the fate of two heart’s bond is cast. Souls intertwined and hearts no longer torn, through their love Paegeia will once again be born.”

So I should start by saying that usually I really love books about dragons… But that’s only if it’s written really, really well. I actually hadn’t really heard of this book before until now, and that was because I decided to join a series buddy read on Goodreads. I saw the brief summary on this, and I was so excited to read this.

I was kind of let down.

For starters, I felt like Elena was such a damn crybaby. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that she’s going through such a life change – with her dad being murdered, and finding out that her dad was a FREAKING DRAGON – but the more she learns about Dragonia and all that stuff, it’s like she’s still, for the most part, pretty clueless. You would think that the more she’s in this Academy for dragons and dragonians (not the same thing, by the way) that she would start catching on to what she’s being taught. But nope. That’s not the case at all.

You can even tell that the rest of the kids that she interacts with are pretty over her lack of knowledge from the get-go. They are constantly sighing and saying “Duh, Elena” and all that jazz. Maybe it’s just kids being mean as heck, or maybe they just need the main protagonist to get it together! I loved the sarcasm though from Becky and Sammy though. I love those girls.

Also, what’s with Elena being so Lucien crazy so fast? It’s like she can’t even function without him at times. That annoyed me very fast. Sorry Elena, but I need you to get it together real quick if I’m going to invest a lot of man hours in this series.

If you notice, these are my thoughts about how the main character behaves, not the author. For the most part, the book is alright. I just really, really, really do not like Elena right now. Hopefully, she gets better? Here’s hoping she does.

Author Spotlight
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Born: In Johannesburg, South Africa
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Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance
Influences: Desiring God, without him, I’m nothing, and He is present in everything I do.
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I was born and raised in South Africa, where I reside with my husband and two beautiful little girls till this day.
I’m very passionate about my writing. Published my first novel in 2013, titled Firebolt and three years later the entire series have been published with Fire Quill Publishing.

Love, love, love my family, and wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without their support.

Pen name for Contemporary Romance is Isabella White. Debut novel Imperfect Love was released in 2015. Secret Love to be released soon.