Challenge Announcement Post Part 2! | Astrology Readathon

Challenge Announcement Post Part 2! | Astrology Readathon

Yes, I’m finally working on my second TBR for the Astrology Readathon hosted by the amazing Clo @ Cuppa Clo! It’s been a whole minute since I said I would figure out what to put for the planet prompts, and that’s what I’m hoping to figure out as I write this post.

And why did I post this beautiful gif of Kenzi from Lost Girl? Well, that’s because I’m doing a rewatch and it’s my favorite damn show, so might as well show my favorite character from it! Let’s get it on.

Let’s finally get to the planets! I’m hoping that there’s less prompts for this since there are less planets? Or am I wrong? Lol clearly I’m really tired and am not even fully aware of what I’m doing right now so we will see what I even come up with.

I know I just posted about this book like earlier today, and I know that I borrowed it as an ILL, but I’m thinking I’ll hold off on it until the readathon starts! That way I can actually take my time with it and read my copy when it comes in. There we go, I feel better about that decision.

I’ve had this on my list for a while now, and just from what I heard, I feel like this one will definitely hit me in the feels. So I’m going to pick this and hopefully it will make me cry in just the right ways. We will see, though!

Now, I KNOW that this one has miscommunication since I’ve read this one, but I am due for a reread of this book so I can finish this trilogy. And I think this kind of miscommunication will be a great one to talk about honestly.

This one doesn’t come out until May 2023, but I love the premise of it! Plus, look at this gorgeous cover! So freaking beautiful and cute. I want to read this one for sure.

I have NOT had the chance to read this one yet, so I know I really want to get this one under my belt. Plus it sounds so damn amazing, and it’s an MG book that I saw when I was browsing at my favorite bookstore, so I’m going to need to have a special reason to read this one!

I don’t usually mess with horror, and I was supposed to read this for a book tour a few years ago and I don’t remember what happened but I kind of want to try it again? Only in the daytime though.

I bought this one when it came out, and I have yet to read it. Although… there’s many books that are backlisted that I have and have yet to read so… We aren’t going to talk about that though.

I haven’t read a Jemisin novel yet, and this one seemed closest to a Science Fiction novel that I would want to read. I’m excited for this one. I know it’s a chunker, but we will get through it!

This one deals with K-DRAMAS and I haven’t read this one yet! I’ve been wanting to… yes another one that I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t read yet.

Fantasy is my go-to genre so it was hard to pick a separate book that I didn’t already pick for this prompt. But this is one that I’ve been wanting to read for a while, so I plan on doing it for this readathon. I’m excited for this one too, since it looks super intense!

I’m so ready for this readathon to start! I have to remember that there’s a specific day in March that it starts, not just at the beginning or whatever, so I’ll have to keep track of it. March 20th is the official start date, and I know that Clo is amazing at keeping everyone on track so I’ll just make sure I’m paying attention to the awesome Discord that she has for the readathon and keep track of my progress there. Who else is participating? I hope you join!

7 thoughts on “Challenge Announcement Post Part 2! | Astrology Readathon

  1. Ah I adore this post! The Grace Of Kings has such a pretty cover! You reminded me that I wanted to read Flip The Script as well, to be honest so many of these books are on my TBR as well hehe. Yessss it starts 20th March, can’t wait for it, my TBR post will be going up then which may help as a reminder (maybe idk xD) But I will definitely talk about it on discord hehe 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So the original cover is all black with a helmet or something (for The Grace of Kings) but then I saw the super nice cover that I used for the post on Book Depository so I bought that one specifically for the cover lol. I have a thing for pretty covers!

      OOooooh Clo I love that some of these books are on both of our TBRs! I trust your feedback when it comes to books so knowing that we have some of the same makes me feel like I’m going in the right direction.


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