#faefriday: Happy Chanukah!

#faefriday: Happy Chanukah!

#FaeFriday was created to help fill the hole in Kristy’s life after #FridayFavorites was discontinued. The idea behind this weekly blog prompt is that each Friday will have a bit of magic sparkled on it with a bookish prompt inspired by the Fair Folk! #FaeFriday is the creation of Kristy from Caffeinated Fae! This blog tag would not have been possible without the help & encouragement from Leah at www.leahs-books.com!

Happy Chanukah!! Some of you may not know, Hanukkah is the festival of lights, and in certain tales, fairies show up as lights. To celebrate the Fae & Chanukah, we are talking about books that have become the beacon of light for us. What book or genre has been a light for you during 2020? Huge shout out to Leah for this prompt!

I know that 2020 wasn’t the best year for anyone – well there are some people that really thrived this year and I’m so freaking proud of them! – and I’m no exception. There were so many times where I felt like giving up, and there were so many people that made me feel like an insignificant speck of dust. I don’t think I’ve ever been made to feel that way ever in my life before this year. A part of me has been ashamed that people could affect me like that, and that it would be so damaging to my mental health and self-esteem.

So when someone or some book came into my life and really just gave me some hope again, even if it seemed really silly or small, it meant to much to me. I don’t know if I can narrow it down to just one book with everything that I read, and honestly there are some times where I don’t remember every single thing that happened in every single book that I read this year, but there are certain aspects of each book that has stayed with me when I needed to find a reason to be remotely okay again. Sure, it sounds dramatic a bit, and yes I can be a little bit dramatic, but this is definitely not one of my dramatic speeches.

Oh wow, it looks like there may be more than one that I can include on here, and since I’m really not comfortable enough to say why these books were so special to me and what exactly they saved me from, I’ll just put the covers here. You can totally guess why, or ask me why.

I hope that you are all okay. That you are mentally okay, and if not, you are getting the help you need. I hope you are healthy. I hope that you know that if you ever need a friend or someone to talk with, I am here for you, and I am so proud of you.

4 thoughts on “#faefriday: Happy Chanukah!

  1. Leelynn! I love you so much, and all you have to do is give me a list of names of people who made you feel bad and … I’ll handle it. Just saying. As for the books, great list! I absolutely adored You Should See Me in a Crown and The House in the Cerulean Sea, and I’m just going to have to check out the rest. Thank god for books, amiright?!


  2. I’m so sorry to hear that people made you feel that way, Leelynn. No one deserves to be made to feel that way and that people think it’s OK kinda really makes me wanna kick some ass!!! 😤 You’re one of the kindest, most supportive and hardworking members that I’ve met in this community and you always manage to astound me with all that you accomplish! Haters are always gonna be there, but you keep doing you and getting stronger for it ❤️ Also, The House in the Cerulean Sea is probs my favourite book this year so I totes agree and I absolutely loved TKQ 💙 Great post and list!


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