Top Ten Tuesday – Pets named after Characters

Top Ten Tuesday – Pets named after Characters

I am about to repeat this song over and over again today because I need some fun dancing music to get through the day. I have some meetings to prepare for today, that’s happening at the end of the day and I just feel like bleh. No headache today thank goodness but now I’m starving? I don’t even understand that part but okay.

Thanks as always to Jana with That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting Top Ten Tuesday for us, and gathering all of the posts every week! Trust me when I say there are A LOT of posts to go through, so get to it!

Thank you so much to Nushu @ Not a Prima Donna Girl for this week’s prompt, which is top ten characters I’d name a pet after. The more I think about this, the more it’s kind of… I don’t know! I did name Nyla after a character, but she was an original character from a Tumblr Roleplay group that I was a part of? Does that count? I guess I can try to come up with some more… Let’s try it!

  1. Emira
  2. Briar
  3. Jo
  4. Luci
  5. Samantha
  6. Immanuelle
  7. Tarisai
  8. Winnie
  9. Yahaira
  10. Sirscha

Basically, I’d try to name my pets after some of my all time favorite characters as much as possible. Probably with the exception of Briar and Emira. They aren’t terrible, but I do like their names so I’ll just give them to pets that I’ll love for eternity even if their namesakes weren’t perfect. But then again, not everyone is perfect, you know?

Not gonna lie, this was a lot more difficult than I initially thought, and I did think that it was going to be slightly difficult before, so… yeah.

I had to go back through some of the books that I read very recently and think about some of the characters because every time I read a book, I add more characters to my list of “favorite characters” because apparently I can find at least one character in almost all the books I read that can be a favorite. Or maybe it’s not a “favorite” per se, but it’s a character that I like more than the others, or at least can stand more than the others. I don’t know.

That makes it sound really mean but honestly it’s not. And sometimes there are names that I just really like because they sound really pleasing to the ear, and then there are names that I like because the character themselves are really endearing to me, so that’s another thing that I think about. It’s just a lot of things that go through my head clearly.

So what do you think? And did I even think about a specific type of animal that these names could go with? Not really. I don’t really think that names have to match a type of animal, really. I feel like it shouldn’t matter? Eh.

Like snakes. They can have any kind of cool names, you know?

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Pets named after Characters

  1. Such a great post! And I totally get what you mean. Sometimes you just love the way a name’s syllables sit on your tongue, right? And other times you love the character but hate the name. Even the vice versa has happened with me! I love the list of names you’ve got and I’ll be wrecking my brain to remember the books they’re from.

    Here’s a link to MY POST in case you’re interested. Have a great reading week!❤️


  2. I think you really tapped into why this theme was so difficult for me this week. There are a lot of great names that I’ve found in books, but I’m not sure I’ve ever had the kind of attachment that would make me want to name a cat after them. And often the names I really enjoy might not be a ‘great’ character in the series.


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