#BEspring2020 Series: Pastel Fever

#BEspring2020 Series: Pastel Fever

Can you believe that this is the second to last day in April? I feel like this month went by both super quickly, and super slowly. I guess depending on what part of the month you’re thinking of. Like for blogging, it definitely felt like the month went by way too fast. But if I’m talking about every day stuff, it went by way too slow. I’m hoping it’s going to be warm again today like it was yesterday so I can sit outside with the dogs and enjoy the sun for a bit.

We have the second to last prompt from Megan & Crystal @ Ginger Mom and Company. Again, thanks so much to Sam @ Fictionally Sam for posting while Megan is recovering. You’re the bestest.

Share the top 5 pastel-covered books on your TBR! 

Hopefully I have some pastel-covered books! I’m gonna choose some that are close to it anyway!

It’s Not Like It’s a Secret

So… I’m a terrible friend because Dana recommended this book to me a long time ago and I never got around to picking it up. So I’m finally going to read this in May and I think this is actually going to be my first read in May so I can start off on a good note! I can’t wait to read it because our main character reminds me so much of me right now and I want to see what ends up happening with her journey of self-discovery.

I Love You So Mochi

This is May’s book choice for Subtle Asian Book Club and I’ve been wanting to read this for the longest time! Now is my chance and I’m going to make sure I end up reading it in May. Plus it makes me miss Japan so much and hopefully I can go back there one day. I’m telling you, I’m going to live there one day and hopefully make a full life there. That’s my goal.

Wicked Fox

There’s some pastel colors on this, don’t deny it. And yes I’ve been holding off on reading this one too for some reason but now is my chance! I’m excited to read this one in May! Plus the fact that it gives off some major K-Drama vibes is absolutely amazing!

Soul of the Sword

I need to hurry up and finish this trilogy so I figured that I would get the second one in for May! And hey, this is pretty pastel right? I’m going to include it anyway. Rules be damned!

This Time Will Be Different

This is the second Misa Sugiura novel that I need to read this month and I’m so excited for it. Just look at that cover omg. So beautiful. I can’t wait!

And there we have it, friends!

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