#BEspring2020 Series: Springtime Jam!

#BEspring2020 Series: Springtime Jam!

I posted this so much later in the day because I’m pretty sure I’m not even fully awake right now. For some reason last night (Thursday night I mean), I felt like I didn’t sleep at all. I kept tossing and turning and it just felt like the hours kept crawling by. It didn’t help that I had a full day of having to be social on Friday with different meetings and whatnot. I almost forgot that I had an appointment with my therapist too in the morning, but I’m so glad I kept that and talked to her.

Thank you again so much to Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things for hosting today’s Bookending Spring prompt!

Make a list of things about spring that make you happy! This can include books, songs, the fact that you can walk around without a jacket, the huge amount of Easter chocolate. You decide what makes you happy!

Oooh let’s keep this happy train going! I was pretty happy with myself on Friday so I’m gonna try to keep that going in this post.

So if you remember, this little mermaid gal over here never grew up with the concept of seasons being a real thing because hello? Hawaii is eternally summer all the time. Even living here in Virginia, I feel like I’ve been so involved with work and school and regular adulting that I haven’t even stopped to smell the roses, literally and figuratively.

But either way, there are some things in general that I love to do all year round, and I think I’ll note them here.

Avatar: The Last Airbender!

I freaking LOVE Avatar the Last Airbender. Seriously I can watch this over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over…

Well you get the point.

Seriously one of my favorite TV shows in the world. I’m actually doing a rewatch with my brother right now in honor of the show coming back to Netflix! It gives us some bonding time on Zoom and we get to watch our favorite shows. Well, my favorite show but I think my brother likes it too.


I seriously cannot get enough chocolate. Seriously, I feel like I don’t get enough really good chocolate lately so when I do, I have to savor it for as long as I can. When I need a fix though, Raisinets are my go to. Something about chocolate covered raisins just hit differently.

Seeing Flowers

I mean, like I don’t really go outside to physically go see flowers but when I’m driving to/from work, or just driving anywhere honestly. But I think this year and from now on, I’m really going to be more intentional in getting out and being around nature even for a few minutes. Since I don’t have any flowers in my backyard, I like to go to one of the parks that’s kind of close to my house.

I like to park my car right next to this little lake and just sit down on the bench outside and read for a bit in the sun. It’s so relaxing and I miss doing it. I’ll have to see if the park is open now, or if it’s still closed for social distancing.

And there you have it, mersquad. I appreciate you all so much and I think I’m going to spend today trying to rest my head before I try to write my mini-paper for History class. Look at that! I mentioned doing homework for once.

One thought on “#BEspring2020 Series: Springtime Jam!

  1. You have lots of things in spring to keep you happy – I haven’t thought about Raisinettes in a long time – they are so good! I find if I can get outside every day even for a little bit, I sleep better at night – these are such weird times, I’ve tossed and turned during the night too.


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