#BEspring2020 Series: Spring Clean Your Bookish Collections + Giveaway!

#BEspring2020 Series: Spring Clean Your Bookish Collections + Giveaway!

Oh man this gif makes me wish I was an outdoors person that liked to lay in a field of flowers and feel like a spring fairy or something. But I’m not, and I get all icky when I think about bugs that may crawl in my hair because have you seen it? They may get lost in the curls!

Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things is on her second day of hosting for Bookending Spring! Thanks so much to all of the hosts so far that have been giving us amazing prompts to talk about this entire month.

 All of us are hoarders, admit it. I definitely am. I collect everything bookish, but spring means a new start, for nature and for my collection. I’ll be sharing my way on how I clean my collection and pray I do good, because I will give away some very nice bookish items! Do you collect anything? You can share tips on spring cleaning, how you decide what not to keep and definitely show off your collection!

Don’t forget to tune in to Michelle’s page for her giveaway! Some of us may do our own – I’m debating it – but Michelle is the one hosting one for something nice, so go check it out!

So of course, one of the biggest bookish items that I love to collect are book sleeves from the amazing Cozy Library Creations shop on Etsy! I actually need to take a picture of the latest set of sleeves that I got because they are so freaking beautiful, and one is named after me 🥰 The Miyuki Sleeve, which ended up selling out! If Adele ends up getting more of that fabric, I’m going to get two more Miyuki sleeves so I have one in each size. That’s how much I love that sleeve!

Then of course I love these candles that I get from Rose and Adder on Etsy! I like to do the four pack option, where you get to buy four different candles and you get free shipping. You can pick any four candles that you want if it’s available in stock! I like to have that many candles on hand because I love all of the scents that they have and it just is nice to have some backup in case you run out of a candle.

As for me, I don’t do spring cleanings because I suck as a person lol. And clearly I don’t like to get rid of anything but that may end up changing! We will see. What kind of bookish items do you like to collect? Let’s talk!

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