#BEspring2020 Series: Easter Egg Hunt

#BEspring2020 Series: Easter Egg Hunt

You guys are the sweetest for liking this post without anything on it. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to write anything for the longest time. Not only was I out of power since 6am this morning until almost 3pm, but I’m still feeling so sick. I am in so much pain and I just don’t want to move at all. This is ridiculous but it’s been even affecting me not being able to eat or drink much. I’m at home for tonight since Mark is working and I’m worried that I may have to figure out how to get to the hospital. I don’t want to though because they are so busy with everything else.

I’m going to do my very best to make this as fun as my other posts. I’m just having such a huge headache again and none of the pain medications are helping.

Thank you so much to Isabelle @ Nine Tale Vixen for hosting today’s prompt. I haven’t done an Easter Egg Hunt in such a long time, and I’m curious to see how I do today!

Find suitable titles, take creative pictures, answer riddles, and more to complete this digital scavenger hunt! (It’s not a race and there’s no time limit, so just have fun.)

The Riddle

To kick off your quest, please go and find
A special book that makes your heart
Skip a beat — A book to (re)read soon,
A book you could read all afternoon.
Got one in mind? Good, let’s start!

The Clues

  1. Start with a book which could match the riddle above.
  2. Find a book whose cover is the same color as #4.
    Bonus: Take a photo of the two together.
  3. Find a book with about the same average Goodreads rating as #2.
  4. Find a book that uses the same/a similar trope to #3.
    (If you haven’t read them both, you can guess from the synopses.)
  5. Find a book with about the same number of pages as #4.
  6. Find a book that was published in the same month as #1.
    Bonus: Find one published in the same month of the same year.
  7. Find a book whose title starts with the last letter of #6’s title.  (Ignore “The” and “A” if you so choose.)
  8. Find a book with a character who shares a name with a protagonist or author of #7.
  9. Bonus Round: Pull a random book from your collection (digital or physical) and find at least one similarity it has to #8.

I can’t wait to reread this novel, and I’m so glad that I have a copy of this to enjoy and love on forever and ever. This definitely matches the riddle above.

These are my 8 eggs that I have before I move on to the other prompts.

  1. Sky Without Stars – Jessica Brody & Joanne Rendell
    • Dark cover like The Vine Witch.
  2. Temper – Nicky Drayden
    • Goodreads average rating: 3.53
  3. Sorcery of Thorns – Margaret Rogerson
    • Trope: Reluctant Hero
  4. Miss Chopsticks – Xinran
    • 257 pages
  5. Imagine Us Happy – Jennifer Yu
    • Published October 2018
  6. Damsel – Elana K. Arnold
    • World ends in D. Damsel starts with a D.
  7. I may need to skip this one because nothing is ringing a bell at all.

And there you have it!

One thought on “#BEspring2020 Series: Easter Egg Hunt

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re in so much pain, Leelynn. I know you say you don’t want to take away resources from the pandemic, but your health is just as important. If you’re facing this much discomfort I really hope that you go get checked out… I hope you feel better soon ❤
    Also, great tag! I'm looking forward to doing this one 🙂 So fun and creative!


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