Favorite Posts 022

Favorite Posts 022

I think we all need some positivity in our lives right now. It’s been hard for a lot of us, and some more than others. Last week, our Governor made a Stay at Home order that would be in effect until June 10th. That’s the day before my birthday, and while I wasn’t planning on doing anything anyway, thinking about how long that can be for some people to not have the kind of interaction that they need to stay sane breaks my heart.

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Ahhh I love these posts so much. It’s so hard to narrow it down to just a few posts, but that’s why this is a weekly thing. And hey, like I said, it’s hard to narrow it down so don’t think that these are the only posts that I’m into! There’s so many out there and I wish my whole blog could just be sharing everyone’s posts and videos and photos because I love seeing everyone show their creativity all over.

Let’s see what I share next week, huh? Stay tuned, fam!

8 thoughts on “Favorite Posts 022

  1. ah thank you so much for including my post in this list, leelyn! i will definitely have to check the rest of these out when i get the chance, i’ve been wanting to blog hop more often 🥰 and same — i think i’ll do fine without interaction with others for months, but i definitely am sorry for all the people who can’t function without it!


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