Blog Tour: Legacy of Light by C.D. Tavenor | Review

Blog Tour: Legacy of Light by C.D. Tavenor | Review

Oooh back to back blog tours for Rachel’s Random Resources! I’m so curious to see how many ARCs I’ll have read by the time January is over thanks to all these blog tours. I bet it’s going to be a lot. Thanks so much again to Rachel for having me on this tour. Click on the banner for the rest of the schedule and more information on what’s coming up next for RaRa, as well as how to become a host!

Legacy of Light

by C.D. Tavenor
Release Date: December 2, 2019
Publisher: Two Doctors Media Collaborative, LLC
Genre: Fantasy


If only they knew us as more than accursed.

The Holy Empire hates the People of Light. Maripes, arriving in its capital, seeks to save his people from certain destruction. The Inquisition seeks theocratic justice, and it will stop at nothing to rid the world of those it considers evil.

Still, Maripes must try. For if he fails, doom will certainly befall his people. Standing in his way? The High Inquisitor, the Empress, and a million subjects all indoctrinated to believe he is evil incarnate.

Should be an easy task.​

Otherwise, his son Mono, a soldier in the legions of their people, will face the fight of his life . . .

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C. D. Tavenor is a science fiction and fantasy author based in Columbus, Ohio and the Director of Editorial Services for Two Doctors Media Collaborative!

He’s excited to tell stories that engage readers beyond a desire for entertainment, whether through philosophical inspiration or social inquiry. And he’s a firm believer in connecting every piece of fiction to reality, whether through their themes or their settings.

When not writing, Tavenor enjoys the more than occasional board game, his favorite being Eclipse.

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Disclaimer: I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources, Netgalley, and Two Doctors Media Collaborative, LLC for this free copy. All quotes in this review are taken from the Advanced Reader Copy and may change in final publication.

So this is actually three novellas together in one story, which I think is pretty cool. I like when authors put them together when they can, although I don’t know how much work goes into republishing or anything like that so thank you for going the extra steps.

This is another book that uses multiple character POVs, which can either make or break a book for me. If it’s done wrong, or if there’s a character that gets more page time than another one (and I like the one that DOESN’T get to show up more), then I feel less inclined to enjoy it. However, I feel like having the multiple POVs worked in Tavenor’s favor for this novel. I also like that each POV pretty much represents a different generation of the people of the light, because for me, I like seeing how someone’s viewpoint changes based on where they fall in the timeline of events. Think about certain fantasy novels that you’ve read, and think about how different it would be if it was told from someone in the future, or the past.

I mean, I do that sometimes, and there’s a whole different story involved with new hardships or new villains, and there’s so much to build off of that. Prequels, sequels, the like. I like that this concept seemed to be combined in the novel by putting the three novels back to back like that.

Some other reviews that I’ve seen have said that they have a problem with the pacing, which I could agree with. There were times where I felt like it was moving a little bit too fast, but when you have a shorter amount of space to tell a story, I could see why some authors would try to cram as much information as they can into it. I’m curious to see if there will be more stories within this world, and I think that there is much more to learn from The People of the Light, and their fight with the Holy Empire.

Does anyone else get religious intonations from this novel? Maybe a little bit on my end. If that’s not your bag, then I’d skip it, but it’s not preachy or anything, so that may help in your decision.

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