Blog Tour: Charm Me Again by Tena Stetler | Review + Guest Post

Blog Tour: Charm Me Again by Tena Stetler | Review + Guest Post

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve even been on my blog or WordPress in general. If you saw my Personal Update post, you may have seen that I have been trying to recover from a really bad physical health incident. Nothing too bad, but it did involve an ER visit, which helped because the doctors were able to give me some medicine to help out a LOT. I’m a little bit better, but I know I’ll have to slow down a lot on some other things so, I’ll definitely be in and out of this world but still active!

Besides that, here is my post for the Charm Me Again blog tour, hosted by Silver Dagger Book Tours! Click on the banner for more information and explore the other posts from the other amazing hosts.

Charm Me Again

by Tena Stetler
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Mystery
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Publish Date: December 9, 2019

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Daylan, a warlock, is being haunted, but what the ghost wants is a mystery. His magical powers bring him no closer to an answer—until he encounters Josie, a Yoga instructor.

But when she is kidnapped by an ancient Fae Warrior set on revenge, Daylan must rescue her before the rogue claims her as his own. During his quest, his world spirals out of control, and a devastating curse comes to light. Could the ghost hold the answers he needs?

Can he break the age-old curse to save Josie and their future, or will Daylan lose her forever?

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With the majestic Rocky Mountains just outside the window, I sit at my computer with vampires,demons, witches, faeries, and a variety of paranormal creatures gathered around telling me their stories! That makes me an author of paranormal romance novels and cozy mysteries with magic spark. The everyday world is mundane, but sprinkle a little magic and you have fantastic!

Colorado is home. I share my life with a wonderful husband of many moons, our brilliant Chow Chow, a terribly spoiled companion parrot, and a forty-year-old box turtle. We enjoy hiking, biking, and camping, also love water sports including kayaking and whitewater rafting, especially on the Arkansas River through the Royal Gorge.

Another passion of mine is reading a good novel. You can find me any winter evening curled up in front of a crackling fire with a good book, a mug of hot chocolate, and a big bowl of popcorn. While growing up, if I didn’t like the ending of a book, I’d rewrite it, which led to writing my own books.

Reluctantly, I discovered that in real life it’s tough to rewrite an ending.

Disclaimer: I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to Silver Dagger Book Tours and The Wild Rose Press, Inc. for this free copy.

I’ve always been a sucker for paranormal books, and witches and warlocks have always been some of my favorite magical creatures. Something about them is just… so magical. Was there a pun in that? Maybe.

Not to mention ghosts, which are also some of my favorite magical creatures. Ghosts usually have some sort of unfinished business that they need to tend to in order to pass on and be free from their hold on the physical world. This business must have been strong enough to keep them from moving on, yeah? It always makes me wonder what my unfinished business would be if I ended up being a ghost, and if I would be able to finish it as a ghost to move on. Or would I even want to move on, you know? So books like these make me think about stuff like that.

I thought this book was very interesting, and I think that the chemistry between our main characters was pretty good. From what it looks like, this is a standalone and while there isn’t immediate news about any sequel or companion novels, I wouldn’t mind seeing Daylan and Josie in another book in the aftermath of everything that happened in this novel.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Tena Stetler, I write award winning Paranormal Romance/Mystery. Crafting tales that will sweep people out of their ordinary world into a magical, romantic fantasy with a touch of mystery and adventure including a few companion animals to round out the stories is what I do. For a few hours a day, my readers forget about their problems, worries, stress, and the real world enjoying a feel good story with a happy ending. I think we all need that these days. Don’t you?

I’m a panster, I write by the seat of my pants so to speak, so I never know exactly where a story is going or which direction my characters are going to go. It can be quite disconcerting at times. Especially when I think I’m in charge, turns out nothing could be farther from the truth. LOL

My new release, CHARM ME AGAIN, was inspired by the characters not being finished with their story from Charm Me, published 2016, as a novella 20,000 words. It was part of the Candy Hearts series my publisher put out. 20,000 words was the limit for the stories. That’s when I learned it’s hard to tell a story in a limited amount of words. I guess you could say I’m long winded because that story had only one story line when in fact there could have been more. Yet it was one of my best sellers. Summer’s dysfunctional family was left out entirely because I couldn’t do them justice. Her brother…well… you’ll see in Charm Me Again is an individual with a difficult past trying to make amends.

A scene in CHARM ME AGAIN was created several years ago from my personal experience of hiking up the Hanging Lake trail in the pouring rain. Posted as an easy hike, it was anything but. Yep they lied. Since that time the listing of the hike has been upgraded to moderate. You’ve never lived until you climb over large rain slickened rocks and boulders on an uphill trail gaining 1,000 feet in elevation over the mile climb. But oh my the view of a lake on the side of a mountain is breath-taking! We stayed and ate our packed lunch on the shore, enjoyed the scenery and other awe inspiring places around the lake. At the time, I knew Hanging Lake would become part of a book one day. Picture to the left is actually Hanging Lake. That day came as I was writing Charm Me Again. I hope you enjoying reading CHARM ME AGAIN as much as I did writing it. Happy Holidays!

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