Sunday Post – November 17, 2019

Sunday Post – November 17, 2019

Fam, I had a weird week last week, and I think I may have mentioned it a little bit in my last Sunday Post, but I just have to say that I think that I got myself back together again. Which I am so thankful for because I wasn’t happy with where my head was last week. I got really low. Really low. But this week was better. I’ll talk a little bit more about it in my personal update section, so stay tuned. Can’t believe it’s already more than halfway though November already. Time is going by way too fast.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, new hauls, and more.

Well, bad news. As of today, I only made it to the beginning of the first chapter of Valley Girls. I haven’t been picking it up apparently because I’m really trying to get through Island of Sea Women, which I need to return tomorrow. I’m almost done, and part of me would rather try to finish that one than start Valley Girls. So I’m giving myself the rest of the day to try to finish both, or I’m setting it down again. This week is going to be for another backlisted ARC though. I can’t keep holding off.

  • The Piper’s Pursuit – Melanie Dickerson
  • Crying Laughing – Lance Rubin
  • Skyjump – Anastasia Bolinder
  • The Firefighter’s Cinderella – Sonya Weiss
  • Mixed Match – Mia Heintzelman

I almost thought that I had a blog tour post for today, but I was actually two months ahead of schedule. Thank goodness I caught it before I posted it way too early!

One of my Book Depository orders came in a couple days ago and I’m so freaking happy! I was looking forward to it so I can continue to grow my stacks.

I mean read them.

Yeah basically that. This is the fourth one since I had to pick it up. I’m planning on finishing Island of Sea Women today though, if I already haven’t by the time this post goes live. Stay tuned for my review on that one because wow. Very, very emotional about that read.

I’m so glad my copy of Shah’s book finally came in, and I’m pretty sure the ARC for the traveling ARC tour is on its way to me this week! I’ll be writing my notes and thoughts to Shah and sending it down the line so she can see what we all thought about it. I thought that was such a cool thing to do. I hope FFBC does another tour like that.

Thank goodness I got The Piper’s Pursuit this week because this was the only review copy I got of the book. I have until tomorrow to finish it and write my blog tour post. So… I may not end up finishing Valley Girls like I wanted to. Also, thanks to APA for sending Stand Up to me! I was totally thinking I was getting approached to be a part of an experiment or something so this was a lovely surprise.

So like I mentioned, I returned all but three (four I guess if you count the one I picked up that day) of my library books, and I swear I’m going to only borrow one at a time. I’m only going to request one at a time as well so I don’t overdo it. I don’t want to keep books and then not read them and then not ever pick them up again. I took a picture of what books I had so I can remember to try to get them again. Along with the first batch that I returned before reading… clearly there’s a pattern.

This was my first full week pretty much without my former boss and I think that me and my current President did a great job making sure the ship kept running smoothly for the most part. I think I’m ready to handle more of that responsibility and just be more aware of everything that was going on in the background that I wasn’t really involved in before. It’s going to be longer days for sure because I want to make sure that all of my stuff is up to date to be able to provide any assistance to others, but I think I’m okay with that. I think I need to do better with saying stronger affirmative statements, rather than always ‘I think‘. I just thought of that now. I am ready to handle it. I am okay with being in the office a little bit longer. I get to let traffic die down anyway.

I also need to start using all these notebooks that I keep getting but don’t use. That’s a serious problem but I’ll get over it. Maybe.

I’m also way too freaking cold for my own comfort man.

Oh and I finally finished cleaning up my desk at home! I love it so much more and it’s back to being neat and functional rather than me feeling cramped with everything I was just putting there to deal with later. I still need to straighten up the rest of my office but at least I’m getting there! I actually like sitting down at my desk now, even though I’m already at my other desk at work for 8 hours every freaking day pretty much.

Also look at the pretty (and super good smelling) candles I got from Rose and Adder, and the cute book sleeve and bookmarks from Adele! Yes, the same Adele that you know and love has opened her own Etsy shop: Cozy Library Creations! So go check both of those shops out and let me know if you recommend any other candles I should try out.

I started watching My Country: The New Age on Netflix – I’m still only about halfway through the first episode – and oh my gosh this show is giving me life! I am so glad that I picked this one to try out, although I need to stop doing other things while I’m watching this, so I can freaking concentrate on the words and the storyline.

I also finally watched Ip Man 2 and I had no freaking idea that Sammo was going to star in it! Oh my gosh I cried in this one so hard. I think even harder than the first one. Ugh these movies are so good. Why have I never watched these before??? I think I’m saving Ip Man 3 for next weekend, and hopefully I get to go to the movies to watch the final Ip Man. Although I’m sad that it’s the last one. Donnie Yen is one of my favorite actors and honestly I feel like he doesn’t get enough love.

I also finally watched Enter the Dragon! How have I never watched this before though?! I mean I’m super sad that this was Bruce Lee’s last movie before he died, and I really wish that I could have seen more of what he could have done if he hadn’t died at a young age. But I really enjoyed this movie and I’m so glad that Netflix has it on there finally.

Clearly there is another pattern here, and I forgot how much I loved practicing wushu. I can still do some of my jump kicks! Even though I’m so out of shape. I’ll have to keep practicing again.

Sometimes the songs on my Gemini playlist are actually pretty dope, and apparently it worked out for me this week so I’m including it here. I honestly haven’t listened to the other signs playlists since I’m a Gemini, but who knows? I may find some songs I like. I haven’t been listening much to songs though lately. Kind of weird if you ask me.

Thank gosh for my medicine honestly because it’s been helping me stay energized a bit during my long days. I don’t think I would be able to keep working both jobs and having all my meetings and other stuff while still blogging and reading my books and all that. That was a long run-on sentence. Sorry about that. But I am super glad that this week is coming to a close, and I plan on reading in bed for as long as I can. And possibly taking some naps with the doggos.

Until next time, fam!

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  1. I’m currently reading the piper’s pursuit! It is a very fast read, so I think you could read it quickly 🙂



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