Friday Favorites: Villains

Friday Favorites: Villains

Oh my gosh, fam! I get to go into the dark side and show you who my favorite villains are? Sweetness! Thanks Kibby for the prompt, and the meme, and everything that you do, because you are amazing.

Okay cool, apparently I haven’t done just all my favorite villains yet, so this is gonna be somewhat new! I’m also not picking all books because I have some TV or Movie villains that are my favorite that I can’t just ignore, now can I? Enjoy the ride, gentle friends.

Evil Queen Regina from Once Upon a Time

Oh my gosh. When Regina is bad, she’s so good at it. I love when she’s evil. So unapologetic about it, and it just gives me life. Plus all of her Evil Queen outfits freaking slay, bitch. Slay me.

Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender

Biiiiiiiiiiiitch. This fourteen year old SOCIOPATH is the best villain I have ever freaking seen in a show like this. Well, this is the best show I’ve ever watched in my life and I’ll literally never change my mind, but my gosh! Azula gives me nightmares sometimes, and yet I’m so intrigued by her. She’s an evil genius.

Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m still really pissed that Faith was the Slayer to go rogue, but when she was bad, she was really bad. Yes, I totally used a line like that earlier but I liked seeing her be bad sometimes. I kind of wish her and Buffy both went bad and just lived it up! That would have been cool – and I mean longer than an episode. Buffy wasn’t even that “bad” if you compare her to Faith and what she did, so I’m not including that.

Yeah, yeah I’m only like halfway through the book right now, but Minya is a freaking bad little girl. Yeah, I know she’s not really six years old, but if she’s gonna keep her body looking like a six year old, I’m calling her a six year old. She’s so full of vengeance and hate that she’s almost evil. I can’t help but call her a villain.

Nova Artino from Renegades

Hey, she technically calls herself a villain, okay? I didn’t.


I mean, I’m including her because when she is bad… yes yes I said that like three times in this post. I’m sorry. But it applies to every single person I said it about, so I can’t help it.

So clearly I don’t take any male villains seriously because not one of them came to mind while I was writing this post. Oh well. Give it up for the ladies.

14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Villains

  1. REGINA MORE LIKE BAE-GINA AM I RIGHT??? Also Mal is my favorite Because she curses a baby because she didn’t get invited a party 😂

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