#BookBlogtober Series: Favorite Ghost Stories

#BookBlogtober Series: Favorite Ghost Stories

Thank you again so much Entertainingly Nerdy for showing me this prompt post on Twitter, and thank you so much to the amazing Jenniely for creating this last year!

So I personally don’t like ghost stories because I’m the biggest scaredy cat in the world – which I have mentioned a lot of times so you already know this about me – but I’ll post the books that I read about ghosts that I was okay with reading. It won’t be a lot, unfortunately.

Surprisingly I actually was able to read this because Anna was not as bad as I thought she was going to be. Yay Anna.

There actually is a ghost in this one! Crazy, right?

The Hogwarts ghosts totally count, okay? Like, all of them.

If I remember right, there was like a necklace or something that would show the past, and there were kind of ghosts involved with that so I’m just going to count it.

Also oops. I noticed I wasn’t really ending my posts with anything, so that’s my bad. I can do a little better now that I’m sort of awake and planning these out a few days in advanced?

Shout out to me for keeping up with Blogtober so far though, right? I would not have imagined I would have remembered or even wanted to keep this up, but I’m doing it!

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