#BookBlogtober Series: Autumn Blogging Essentials

#BookBlogtober Series: Autumn Blogging Essentials

Thank you again so much Entertainingly Nerdy for showing me this prompt post on Twitter, and thank you so much to the amazing Jenniely for creating this last year!

I don’t even feel qualified to answer this one because what do I even know about blogging.

Damn right, Jon Snow.
  • Books to read
  • A comfy spot to blog
  • Your favorite drink
  • Water too!
  • Food is essential
  • Your favorite sweater
  • Reliable internet as much as possible
  • Fun

5 thoughts on “#BookBlogtober Series: Autumn Blogging Essentials

  1. Mmm speaking of favorite drinks I’m now spontaneously craving an iced PSL! There’s no way that I’m drinking a hot one today because the heat of the day has been INSANE. I’m sitting in front of a fan and I’m still sweating!


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