Favorite Posts 015

Favorite Posts 015

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I legit do not have a set day of the week that I posts these, so if you are looking for these on a specific day, I’m so sorry. Maybe I need to take a poll about that or something, and make it more consistent. Honestly, these posts just come when I feel like I have enough posts that I want to share, you know? I don’t want to limit myself to posting on a specific day, or posting when I feel like I don’t have enough. So that may explain it better. At least I hope it does!

  • Firefight & Calamity: Book Review – Kibby @ Something of the Book

    “And while The Reckoners did not fully live up to my Sanderson Standard™, I still enjoyed the heck out of these books.”

  • Mooncakes – Noor @ Noor Lightwood

    “It’s obvious that the main focus is the romance, I wish you have seen a development in their relationship, we did see flashbacks of their past in high school but since they finish high school shouldn’t their relationship be more than just kissing”

  • You Belong With Me‘: A New Romance to Tug on the Heart String – Rissi @ Finding Wonderland

    “New to publishing in 2019, Tari Faris debuts her contemporary with a story sure to tug on your heart strings.”

  • The Personal is Political (Review #3) Our Stories , Our Voices – Brittany @ Brittany the Book Guru

    “This is another category that is a little difficult to rate because while this was incredibly telling, it is so on a much more personal level than educational. With that being said, however, I did not find that to be a bad thing! I think some of the most important lessons are learned through personal experiences.”
  • Bisexual Visibility Day – Louise @ Foxes and Fairy Tales

    “To celebrate, here are some books I’ve loved featuring bisexual protagonists, love interests or other major characters.”

  • #DiverseBookBlogersDiscuss: Finding the invisible marginalisations? – Fadwa @ Book Wonders (written by Jamie @ Books and Ladders

    “That makes it easier for me to “blend” into what people consider to be the norm and be “accepted” by my peers. At least, it would if I wasn’t vocal about what makes me different. But these different types of marginalizations make me realize how little intersectionality there was in publishing as I was growing up, how much it has grown, and what we can hope for in the future.”

  • #BiVisibilityDay: Getting Personal & 5 Recommendations – @ Anniek’s Library

    “Personally, I’m bi aroace. For me, that means I’m aromantic and asexual but I do experience some type of attraction that’s not romantic or sexual. It also means I’m attracted to all genders. I identify as bi because gender does factor into my attraction in some way, and because it feels right for me.”

  • My One Year Blogiversary!! // a look into my first year as a blogger – Xandra @ Starry Sky Books

    ” I would just like to say: thank you all so much for a wonderful first year of blogging! As I’m writing this, I’m getting oddly emotional… I know I don’t know any of you in real life, but your likes, comments, views, and overall encouragement have meant so much to me.”

  • Library book strategies – managing (or not managing) holds on the new and popular books – Book Club Mom

    ” The holds list is a mile long, but I was able to grab the one-week rental copy (no holds allowed) and read it quickly! It worked out great.”
  • Wine All You Want! Not-So-Perfect Book Tag! – Susan @ Novel Lives

    “I mean as it is there ten syllable polysyllabic words in these books that I have to look up and I have two MA degrees. But those are not within the dialogue. So ok, cool. I’m all for expanding vocabulary. But when it starts showing up in the dialogue? Uh. No.”

  • Down the TBR Hole – 01 – Dini @ Dini Panda Reads

    I’M FINALLY DOING IT. After seeing this post countless times weekly, I’ve decided today that I’m going to take the plunge and *finally* start culling some books off my Goodreads TBR!”

  • TTT: My Fall TBR 2019 – Ina @ Weird Words Within

    Note that I don’t celebrate Halloween or Samhain anymore, so I don’t look for spooky books at all, although some of my planned books are ghost-related anyway.

  • Five Predicted Five Star Reads – Arin @ Tome of Our Lives

    “I have a lot of over dramatic and unnecessary feelings concerning star ratings, especially five star ratings, that I plan to share as soon as I become a person who can actually express their feelings in a way that make sense. In case you were wondering, that is not a capability of mine currently so that will have to wait”

I’m so proud of everyone that has come out, those that haven’t yet, and those that are allies to the entire LGBTQ community. I love all of you, and I just want you to know that I will always love you, always support you, and I’m always here for you. If you ever need a safe place, please let me know.

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  1. Would you find it easier to set these posts for a specific day? I kind of like the fact that you wait until you have 8-9 (ish) posts to share before releasing the next one.

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