Top 5 Saturday: Over 500 Pages

Top 5 Saturday: Over 500 Pages

I like em big.

I like em chunky.

I like big books and I cannot lie?

Thanks Mandy for the fun topic this week!

And no, I can’t read big books all the time, but I can least share some of them with you guys!

The Priory of the Orange Tree

Length: 827 pages

So I’m doing a group read for this one now, and I’m listening to the audiobook because this book is freaking huge, and I can’t handle carrying it around with me all the time. But I do have the physical book in case I need to take notes or if I want to re-read it. If I ever end up doing that. You never know.

The Black Prism

Length: 661 pages

I got this because I was supposed to read it with my roommate and then I never ended up reading it. I don’t know if I will end up reading it, but at least I have it just in case, and hey it counts for this week’s prompt so cool beans!

The Dragon Republic

Length: 560 pages

Haha sweet this just made it so I can include it! I still have to read the first one of course, but at least I have this ready to read!

Dark Age

Length: 757 pages

Okay Pierce Brown keeps making his books bigger and bigger, and I’m kind of scared to see how long the last book is going to be. If I even get that far because I still haven’t read Morning Star. But don’t call me out on it. I told you have an issue finishing series.

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I like big books and I cannot lie

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Length: 531 pages

Okay wow for some reason I thought this was way bigger because it’s so hefty sitting on my shelf? But okay… a little over 500 pages, but it totally counts.

OMG I haven’t watched Madagascar 2 in so long but that whole thing was hilarious. Does anyone else remember watching this?

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Saturday: Over 500 Pages

  1. HAHAHA OH LORD. I haven’t watched Madagascar 2 in years and the minute I saw that gif and read your first line, the song immediately came back to me. LMAO! 😂😂😂 Crying! Great picks, Leelynn! Priory is one helluva chunky one for sure, but I only realized the other day how chunky Dark Age is too!

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  2. Somehow, I just KNEW you’d make a “I like big books” joke. xD I’m proud of totally calling that ahead of time. I think Priory has sort of broken me a little bit, though. I need a break before picking up another long book.

    oooh, I’d never heard of Eon, but look at that cover! I think I’m in love. ❤ Also, dragons. Also, also, I need to get me a copy of that!

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