TBR Lows & Highs 013

TBR Lows & Highs 013

Sorry, fam! I know I’m a little late in writing this and posting this because I totally didn’t feel like writing this over the weekend. I was more trying to finish Truly Devious – which I totally did so celebrate me! – and then I needed a break.

But anyway! Here’s my next post on TBR Lows & Highs, hosted by the lovely Destiny @ Howling Libraries. One of my all time favorite people in the entire world, mind you.

Wow this clean up of my Goodreads TBR is almost cathartic. Sometimes stressful just to make sure I do the graphics and remember to take them off, but very cathartic at the end of it. Now if only I could stop adding books to my TBR willy nilly, then we would be golden.

So glad that I got approved to be on the blog tour for Six Goodbyes, so be on the look out for that post in September!

Someone stop me from borrowing books from my library until I’m done reading all my ARCs. Someone stop me from requesting ARCs until I finish the ones I have. I have a problem, fam. I know I do. I’ll work on it though, I swear!


8 thoughts on “TBR Lows & Highs 013

    1. I hope so too, although looking at it and reading some of the reviews, I think I will enjoy it ❤ Slowly but surely becoming more contemporary lol. I am waiting for that one to come out so badly! That's why I want to read this one first to get ready lol. I know they aren't like sequels or anything but maybe it can give me an idea of how she writes.

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      1. It’s honestly been a while since I read it and it wasn’t like a favorite of mine or anything but it was a cute story! I know a lot of YA readers really like reading about college settings so I think that helps, too. I can’t WAIT for the new one!!! Knowing your tastes, I think you’ll like Emergency Contact!

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        1. It just came through at the library so I have it in my possession now! i may end up reading it sooner rather than later. I personally think I need a break from the fantasy books I’ve been reading. ❤ Thank you, Brittany! I can't wait to read it and let you know my thoughts.


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