State of the ARC #2 – July Blues

State of the ARC #2 – July Blues

Thanks so much to Avalinah’s Books for hosting State of the ARC! Be sure to check out the rules by clicking on her link above. I think I’m late to posting this, and I tried to get in a couple more ARCs in before the month was out, but alas I did not. I also did NOT get fancy this month because I’m running behind and I’m not tech savvy at all, so bear with me on my simplicity.

Completed in July

  1. Death by Diploma – Kelley Kaye
  2. Monica Adventures #3 – Mauricio de Sousa
  3. The Seduction Expert – Saya Lopez Ortega
  4. Anastasia: Part 1 – Magdalena Lankosz
  5. No Ivy League – Hazel Newlevant
  6. Lock Every Door – Riley Sager

Definitely not as much as in June, but still a pretty good job! Just have to keep pushing, right?

What’s Next?

Just have to continue to read all the ARCs I have, and to keep up with all the blog tours I’m doing with FFBC and all that. I haven’t looked at my spreadsheet recently, but I am sure that I have a little bit more than 33 again since I got some more added to my list. What’s on yours?

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