Tall Cool One – Book Review

Tall Cool One – Book Review

The more I go through these books, the more I feel like Anna should just give up on boys completely and focus on her relationships with her girl friends. I mean, when her and Sam are actually on the same side, the two can take on anything, that’s so much fun to see. When she’s constantly having to fight with Cammie and Dee, then it gets hard to deal with. Why can’t they all just be friends and say “screw you” to Ben and the rest of the boys that cause them nothing but heartache and headaches? I say, girls rule and boys drool.

I’m probably not going to go too deep into this review since the book is really short and sweet. Honestly if I really wanted to, I could read it in a day while I’m waiting to fall asleep or while I’m enjoying dinner by myself. It’s that quick, and I’m glad these books are. Honestly we don’t need these books to be over 300 pages in order to be interesting. Zoey Dean keeps it straight and to the point, making sure that the drama contained in each segment of the series is enough to make us wanting more. That’s how I like my teenage drama books, and this is no different.

I still need to finish the rest of the series eventually, and hopefully I will soon. I just say that I need Anna to actually be friends with these girls and I need Cammie to stop being such a biyotch to Anna so much. Ben doesn’t like you anymore, so get over it. Besides, Adam is a much better option anyway. He actually treats you like the princess you think you are.

Rated: 4/5 Stars

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