Fallen – Book Review

Fallen – Book Review

Where all the popular books involve vampires and werewolves, it’s so refreshing to find a decent book that’s not about either one of these supernatural creatures. With books about angels, or fallen angels depending on how you look at it, they can either be really amazing or not so much. In this case, I found it to be quite enjoyable for the most part, and that’s always a good thing for me.

We meet the main character Luce when she is being dropped off to what would basically be a boarding school for juvenile delinquents. It’s so strange to me that she would be sent here because a boy she happened to be with ends up dying without anyone knowing what happened. Is this society’s way of punishing her for being there, especially since they can’t tie her to this boy’s death in such a clear cut way? Even Luce herself doesn’t know how he died, only that he died in a fire that she somehow was able to escape. That is weird enough, and it just doesn’t seem like Luce even belongs in Sword & Cross. But then again, there are a lot of things that we don’t know about this so-called school, so we are along for the ride just as much as Luce is.

At this strange school with a very colorful group of teenagers, we meet two boys that have already caught Luce’s eye. We have Cam, the nice boy that looks like he can be a total ladies man, with his beautiful eyes and warm personality. Then we have Daniel, who upon seeing Luce for the first time decides to give her a warm welcome to Sword and Cross by giving her the middle finger. Charming, right? This kind of greeting would normally turn girls off by now, but not Luce. See, for some reason, she keeps having this strange feeling like she’s seen him before, and yet she can’t place it. Was it at a party or something that she went to back when she was a normal kid? Or was it something else, something that happened way further in the past that wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

Looks like it’s the latter.

The book goes slow for a few hundred pages, where we don’t know which boy Luce is going to choose, even though it seems like the most likely option would be Cam. So far he hasn’t done anything to make her feel like she’s unwanted, and he’s been nothing but a gentleman so far. Daniel, on the other hand, has been avoiding her at the least, rude at the most. So why is she so obsessed with him? What is it about him that makes her want to basically find out about his past and have her new friend Penn do some research on him? When a girl’s crazy over a guy, she’ll do better research than the FBI, right? I doubt she thought she would find out what she does end up finding out about him, not to mention the rest of the kids at this school.

This book has been known to be similar to Twilight but honestly I didn’t see it. I thought it was better than it in many ways, although I will say that Luce was a little unbearable at some moments. The story behind this school is crazy to me, and how was it that so many angels could be in one location without anyone else realizing it? What are they doing there and is it really just because of Luce? And if she was always stuck in the same cycle of living for seventeen years and dying every single time she would be close to learning the truth, does the fact that she was never baptized in this life really change everything? Is the idea that she wasn’t raised in a religious household end up saving her from having to die again and again, or was it better to continue to live forever without knowing any better? A part of me wants to read the rest of the books and know more, and another part just wants the answers given to me. Either way, it was a pretty good book and it was nice to read about angels for once.

Rated: 4/5 Stars 

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