BOOK RECS | Books That Feel like a Much Needed Hug

BOOK RECS | Books That Feel like a Much Needed Hug

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been offline for a while, but I needed a bit of a break. I’m back and I’m trying to add some other types of posts that I haven’t really done before. One of the ones I wanted to do that I see people doing all the time is recommending books. I personally feel like I wasn’t good at that, and that’s a huge reason why I never did a post like this before, but I decided I’ll try it out.

The first set of recommendations I wanted to give was books that felt like a much needed hug, because sometimes I just need that in my life, you know? Who knows? Maybe some of these recommendations may feel the same way for you, or inspire you to share some of your own recommendations!

Let’s see what I come up with!

I know that A LOT of people recommend this book for lots of different reasons. It’s a really enjoyable book, so I don’t even mind it. For me, the developing dynamic between Linus and Arthur made me feel really happy and hopeful. It was just really nice to see a character that’s so by the book and feels like their life is “eh” and have them discover that there’s so much more to the world than just their never-ending schedule. I also adored how different all of the children were. Their personalities were very defined and varying, and yet somehow it worked for them. Sure there were some issues but that’s expected. Nothing can be truly perfect. But just seeing how Klune really made sure that we knew exactly what Lucy was about versus Thalia et. al. was brilliant. By the time I was done with it, I felt like I had been visited by a best friend and they just made me feel at peace.

This one was a pretty personal hug for me because it brought me back to the place that I’ve felt the most at home. The first time I ever visited Japan, I knew that I wanted to somehow make a life there, or at least live there for an extended period of time. I felt like I was finally immersed in the culture that I wanted to learn so much more about, and I just felt like “this is where I need to be.” I have truly never felt that way about any other place I’ve been to, not even the places that I’ve lived and grew up in. Seeing Kimi explore Japan on her own – well without her parents or anything – and remembering the places that I got to see made me wish I was with Kimi. One day I’ll do much more exploring on my own in Japan, and it will be absolutely amazing.

I somehow never got to writing this review because I just fell in love with it too much! For one, our main character Darcy is a HUGE bookworm – like all of us right? – and the more I read this the more I wished I could be like her. I also was seriously rooting for her to have something good happen in her life after her feeling like things are just so out of control. I could relate to some of it, and so by the time everything ended, it felt like both Darcy and I were finally able to take care of everything, and not feel like we are drowning. Another reason why I recommend this one is because of Marisol. Marisol is the embodiment of the kind of best friend and supporter that everyone needs in their life. And I just wanted Marisol to have everything she ever wanted.

I remember telling my friend Hannah after I read it that I felt like I was just given the biggest hug of my life, and that it made me feel so grounded and peaceful. I know I really adored the friendship that developed between Tiffy and Leon, seeing that even though they never actually spent much time together in person, they were still able to learn so much about one another. They even started doing small things around the flat that made the other person see that they were on their mind. They were such sweet gestures and I could see how a romantic relationship could develop between them. It felt natural and I just couldn’t help wishing nothing but happiness for them. This is the book that made me think about what other books I’ve read that felt like a much needed hug, because this was the very first one.

There’s just something about hugs that can illicit such strong feelings in a person. Whether the hug is out of comfort, happiness, or just general friendship, it’s something that people should have throughout their day. Unless they are sensitive to hugs or touches in general, then I understand not wanting them. But having something that elicits that same kind of emotional response is so needed. Sometimes I have no idea how much I need a hug to just ground me and center me until I get one.

So, that’s my first book rec post! I’m hoping I don’t keep recommending the same books…. I’ll do my best but I’m sure not all of my books would fit the same type of criteria each time. This was pretty fun! Except maybe I’ll actually draft this up when I’m not on the verge of passing out. Maybe next time!

7 thoughts on “BOOK RECS | Books That Feel like a Much Needed Hug

  1. Hi Leelynn! This is a great idea for a book list! I’ve only read one of these, The Flatshare which I thought was really cute, but also had substance. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. Fab list, Leelynn! I loved The Flatshare and Cerulean Sea but I still need to read Mochi and Library of Lost Things—though I’ve heard amazing things about both. Both are very much warm hugs books for me, too! Great recommendations 🙂


  3. What an awesome post! First of all, sending you a virtual hug, because you’re such an amazing human being. Secondly, I now need to run and read all these books, because you’re definitely on point with House in the Cerulean Sea being like a hug.


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