The Cinderella is Dead Book Tag [Original Tag]

The Cinderella is Dead Book Tag [Original Tag]

I like how you guys want me to actually create a book tag for the amazing, crazy, fast-paced wonder that is Cinderella is Dead, so thank you for rooting for me! I love being so hype for a book that I want to leave a lasting impression in the book community with something as fun as a book tag. If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend it! Better yet, go read my review so I can convince you there, and then come back to me.


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  • Answer the questions to the best of your ability. No wrong answers here!
  • Tag some people you think would would have fun doing this tag.
  • Copy-paste the rules and prompts.

Sophia: Favorite Sapphic Book

I know I need way more sapphic book recommendations – so give them to me! – but this has got to be my all time favorite one so far. Not including Cinderella is Dead obviously. I just could not get over the way that Dani and Carmen developed into what they ended up being at the end of this novel and I just felt so freaking happy! It actually reminded me of me and my best friend so I had a soft spot for it.

Erin: The Book that Hurt you the Most

It definitely hurt me in a good way, but also a little bit of a bad way because of how sirens were treated. And of course since it’s supposed to reflect how Black women are treated in the real world, I felt that in my soul. It was like reading about myself, and having to constantly defend my actions when I didn’t even do anything but exist. It’s freaking tiring, fam. So this hurt, because I felt it all.

Constance: Favorite Loyal Character

Daisuki and Okame!! I totally cheated and put two characters, but whatever. It’s my tag, I can do what I want! But seriously I was just so freaking impressed that they were still helping Yumeko with her quest even though they could have ditched her a long time ago. And even though Okame is supposed to be a ronin and have no honor, I feel like he was one of the most honorable characters in this book.

Amina: A Book That Made No Sense

There were certain things in this novel that just didn’t make sense to me. Actually in all three novels since I got to listen to the whole trilogy. I thought it would be explained later on, but I honestly don’t remember that happening. I think the siren lore in this one too was a little convoluted to me as well so I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I wanted to. Just not for me, I guess.

Luke: A Forgotten Series You Want to Read

I don’t remember if I finished this series – which I do remember saying in another tag that I did – but I need this back in my life. Like, I don’t care that these are old and that this is not even good tier level writing anymore. It was good for me, and it brings back so much memories. I loved the girls in this series so I really, really want to read this whole series. Or reread it… Something.

Lille: Favorite Magical Kingdom

I could see me living in Ziran, and seriously I loved the world that Brown created in this novel. I can’t wait for the sequel, even though it means the series is ending. I think one of my favorite things about this novel was the Kingdom of Ziran, and everything about the Solstasia Festival. It was just super good, go read it.

Manford: The Absolute WORST Character Ever

I. absolutely HATED. Saengo’s cousin who’s name is escaping me right now. You know the name. I just forget the name right now but I DON’T CARE I HATE HIM SO MUCH! What a freaking asshole. Great job, Lori for creating a character that I literally hate so much, and I appreciated not seeing him very much in this novel lol. Oh my gosh I wanted to kick his ass.

Cinderella: Favorite Retelling

It’s a very loose retelling of the story of Anastasia Romanov, but I am still including it because I cannot get enough of this book! I loved it so much, and I am so waiting to see how the next two books are going to be like. I can’t wait to read more books from Wen Zhao as well! One of my favorite authors for sure. And the way that Wen Zhao made this story her own was super great too, so I’m all for it.

Let’s not forget the best Cinderella out there…. Give it up for Brandy, fam!

Still my favorite version of Cinderella to date, and Cinderella is Dead is right there next to it. So freaking happy we can see this in the world.

And if I didn’t tag you but you want to do the tag, please feel free! I’d love to see all the posts so let’s spread the word.

22 thoughts on “The Cinderella is Dead Book Tag [Original Tag]

    1. YESSSSS!!!!! THAT JERK! Haha thank you so much for reminding me of his name!

      I hope you end up liking Forest of Souls when you finish it ❤ it's one of my favorite books. So much so that I made a tag for it too!! hahah I think I'm obsessed with making book tags.


      1. you’re welcome. and im sure i will love the ending, fantasy is one of my favorite genres! i will be sure to check out that tag 💗


  1. I didn’t realize Blood Heir was loosely Anastasia! I’ve had that book on my tbr FOREVER, I hope I get to read it this year. But honestly, I just made a list, and there’s more books than I can possibly read on my “I want to get to it this year” list. *laughing to keep from crying*


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