#BEspring2020 Series: Get out of the winter dip and start blogging again!

#BEspring2020 Series: Get out of the winter dip and start blogging again!

So yeah I could not wake up today without feeling really dizzy and nauseous so I was again super late in doing this. Oops. I’m sorry fam. But I’m working on it now. And hey, at least I was able to write up my review that I needed to write! Woot woot.

Today is Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things ‘s first day hosting her time with Bookending Spring and we are talking about getting out of the winter dip. Let’s see what this prompt is getting into the nitty gritty about.

We’re leaving winter and dark mornings and evenings behind. Winter depression is a real thing and whether we like it or not, sometimes we have to take a break. Have you ever had a bad day where you just didn’t feel like blogging? What did you do to get out of it?

Is it the winterdip, or the quarantine dip at this point? Ugh my head again! Let’s get through this, fam.

Oh man. Well, yeah there have been many times where I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Michelle is right. Winter depression or seasonal depression, whatever you want to label it as, is a real thing. I have noticed that when the sun isn’t out for as long as it normally is in Hawaii, I feel so bad all the time. I think growing up on an island where there is no such thing as Daylight Savings Time and there aren’t really short days or long nights really gave me such an advantage growing up, and I wish I took full advantage of that before I ended up moving to the mainland. These short days really throws me off, and being surrounded by darkness before the workday is even done has thrown me off so much since living here. It still makes me feel off-centered or like something is wrong, and it really affects my mental health in ways that I never would have thought of if I wasn’t here.

So yeah, there have been many days where I didn’t feel like blogging, and those days would turn into months, into years. Until recently, like almost a year ago, I took a break from blogging and didn’t think I would ever get back into it. Like, I just lost all of my motivation and love for reading and writing about books, and wow. It was some of the worst times of my life because if I couldn’t even find the energy to do something I love, then how was I supposed to do anything else?

I may have talked about this earlier on another post but basically I got back into blogging again thanks to my friend Brittany and honestly if it wasn’t for her, I would not be here blogging today. So thank you so much, Brittany for everything that you’ve done for me, and seriously I’m so glad to have you in my life. I hope that you’re doing okay and just know that I love you so much.

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