#BEspring2020 Series: Smile for the Shelfie!

#BEspring2020 Series: Smile for the Shelfie!

Hey everyone! It’s time for another post for Bookending Spring! Thank you again so much to Sam @ Fictionally Sam and Clo @ Cuppa Clo for putting so much time and energy into making these events for book lovers like me to have some fun with different prompts. This has definitely been helping me get through these uncertain times, especially right now when I’m feeling so sick. It must have been the moscato I drank last night, although I’m really regretting it at this moment. Hopefully my stomach will start to feel better soon because I’m tired of feeling like I want to barf. Thank gosh some of it already came out earlier but it hurt like a mofo.

That was pretty gross, fam. I’m sorry about that.

So today Sam wants us to get camera friendly with our shelfies, like we all have some cute photos to share or something. Well, I know I freaking don’t haha but I’m going to participate because this is Sam’s prompt and I am making the effort to have something go up every day for this event.

Take a picture of your bookshelves and/or stacks and explain how you organize your books!

So let’s see if I can get up from my couch of death and take a picture of something so I can do this right.

Yeah I’m not gonna show you guys all the rest of my boxes and stacks of books that I have all over the house because I don’t have any more room on my shelves for the books that I’ve bee getting. It’s terrible, friends. I know that technically the house is a box, and there’s technically still room in the box for some books, but it just isn’t letting me put it all nicely, ya feel?

Then my kitchen table (one of them because I have two apparently) is filled of the arcs and latest books that I’ve gotten since last year when I started blogging again, and yeah… that’s a picture you’ll never see. I’m ashamed at how disorganized everything is but I’ll at least tell you about it here.

But if you want to look at pretty shelves and stuff… definitely look elsewhere haha. I’m a basic bitch.

5 thoughts on “#BEspring2020 Series: Smile for the Shelfie!

  1. Your post is a total mood because since my move last month I STILL haven’t unpacked all my books and I’ve recently just taken them out of the boxes lining the room where my books are and have laid them all out on one of the beds so that … I can guilt myself even harder into putting them away? 😅 It’s not working yet LOL


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