Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Follow on Social Media

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Follow on Social Media

Okay this one sounds like it’s going to be super fun, because apparently I’m addicted to social media to the point that if I’m not talking to someone on Twitter, am I even alive that day? Okay, that’s pretty dramatic but seriously. If you ever need to talk, or want to talk, or just need to pass the time, message me on Twitter because I’m always on there the entire freaking day. No joke.

So yeah, I feel like a lot of the characters that I’d want to follow on social media are pretty basic as far as a lot of the characters that I’ve mentioned on a lot of my T10T posts, which doesn’t help with keeping things interesting. I’m going to definitely try to choose some people that I haven’t picked out before, and maybe that will be my challenge instead of picking the same characters over and over again.

Elle and her coven from Foul is Fair. Do you know how much I’d love to see what kind of hijinks they are up to while plotting revenge against some asshole dudes? Ugh I’m sorry, I keep swearing.

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I feel like it wouldn’t even be her posting on her own social media since in the show she would have Dorota do everything for her mostly. She just delegated like a boss ass queen.

Garrett Song from Temporary Wife Temptation. I mean I don’t think he’d have a social media with him having been trained to take over Hansol since he was practically of talking age, but if he did… oh man that would be so interesting. Plus I could just imagine all of his larger than life photos and I’d just have so much FOMO.

Cho Chang from the Harry Potter series. I swear she was just a plot device and I’m still upset about that because she could have been so much more than just Harry’s person of affection at the time, and/or someone who got tortured by whatsherface to figure out where Dumbledore’s Army would practice. But anyway, I think that her Instagram would be so freaking aesthetic.

Marisol from The Library of Lost Things. MARISOL IS A GOD-GIVEN PRESENT OMGGGGG. I could only imagine how freaking gorgeous her feed would be. I’d follow her in a damn heartbeat okay?

Yeah, I couldn’t end up doing all ten but I think five is good for now. I mean, I need to be intentional about who I follow on my instagram from now on, right? Yeah that’s who I’d pick to follow. Not just Instagram, but even Facebook and possibly Twitter.

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Follow on Social Media

    1. Thanks Dini!! I don’t know if I even consciously thought about that when I was making this list but I love it now that you mention it. Oh gosh yeah you definitely gotta read some of these books – or you can skip Gossip Girl and just watch the TV show because that was gold. The books they were based on were good too, but the show just gave a whole new life to these characters in a way the books didn’t. Surprisingly enough, I love the show better! ❤


  1. I love this topic!! The Fair Is Foul coven would definitely be interesting to follow. And I’d love to follow Blair too. It would be pretty fun to see how she interacted with everyone else as well 😅


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