Sunday Post – February 16, 2020

Sunday Post – February 16, 2020

Guess who’s semi-back, bitches?

Cue hair-flip. And ugh look at that beautiful gif above. If my hair grew out like that naturally, you know darn well I’d have left it long and flowing just like this.

But anyway! Yes, I’m slowly adding more of the memes back to my blog again, and this was one of my favorite ones so I’m definitely going to try to be more consistent with this one. Whether I do it weekly or bi-weekly though, I haven’t decided yet. But it’s definitely coming back because I love writing it.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, new hauls, and more.

With me joining #ARCApocalypse, I’m definitely working on catching up on a lot of my ARCs. I’m not doing a weekly one like I was trying to do before since I have way too many blog tours on my schedule, which of course I was supposed to stop signing up for but I seriously cannot resist. Someone stop me the next time! I think that I have blog tours all the way up until May if I remember correctly, so I’m going to definitely try to slow it down after that. But, we will see…

  • Netherfield: Rogue Dragon – Maria Grace
  • The Shadows Between Us – Tricia Levenseller
  • Five Minutes, Alfie – Lily Mae Walters
  • Red Hood – Elana K. Arnold
  • The Body in Griffith Park – Jennifer Kincheloe

Have I said how much I love having audiobook blog tours available nowadays? Those are some of my favorite tours to do because I never get to review audiobook arcs until I was approached by this company. Seriously, if anyone needs to review audiobooks arcs instead, whether it’s for health purposes or just because you’re tired of reading a screen, I recommend checking out Audiobookworm Promotions and seeing if they have anything that you may be interested in.

Honestly… yeah I have so many books that have been hauled over the weeks that I’ve been on hiatus, that I’m not going to be able to recap everything. I will just say that there’s a lot of my list, and I’ll slowly start showing them off after this time around.

I don’t usually read any non-fiction novels because I’m just not interested in the real world apparently, but I’m going to try this one. Not only because it’s for a Yoga/Book Club meeting thing and I really want to get more involved in something physical because I’m gaining way too much wait, but also I want to do some more personal development and even professional development outside of what I do at work. I guess I just really want to grow into a better person both inside and out, and since I love books, maybe I can start learning something else from them. Hopefully I’ll be able to take what this book is teaching me and apply it into the real world, and not give up on the book because it’s not fantasy related.

  • Below (North #1) – Alexandria Warwick

I freaking loved this novel when I got to read it for a blog tour, so of course I had to buy it. I think I mentioned before that if I like an ARC that much, I’ll buy it, so that’s what I did. I plan on reading this again soon in time for the sequel to come out. I think it works out better that way so I can have a refresher of what happened. I think a lot of people probably do this more than I thought.

You may have seen me mention this either on Twitter or even on some of my blog posts, but I went back to school. I’m trying for my Bachelor’s in Business Administration since I am apparently really good at being an administrator, or doing office stuff like that. Which I definitely know that, and I’m not even going to deny it even though I said “apparently” in just the previous sentence. But yeah, I’m good at it, and even though I may not really be glad to be adding a whole other thing on my schedule, I am glad to be in school again. I miss learning and being in a classroom, although I will say that Chemistry is kicking my ass right now.

But then again that could just be because rather than studying hard core for it, I keep watching Criminal Minds or something when I should be seriously paying attention. Again, that’s part of the personal development thing that I want to work on since I used to not really study much when I was growing up and still do well in classes. I know college is different, and especially since science isn’t really my thing anymore, I really want to make sure that I pass this class so I don’t have to repeat it. Like right now, when I should be sleeping or something, I’m playing Teen Wolf in the background while I’m writing this post. Nothing wrong with taking some time off, and I finished the homework that I needed to for the week, but I had a Chemistry test today that I didn’t do the best on, and I really need to do well in my other assignments from now on, you know?

Wow I feel like I really just rambled on, sorry about that fam.

Other than that, I think that I’m going to try to be okay. I’m not doing as well as I would like to be honestly, and I don’t know if it’s because of the cocktail of medicines that need to be adjusted, or something else but I know that I’m not in a good mood a lot of times. Apparently I’m getting pretty irritated lately, especially at work which sucks because I think people have noticed it, but I just can’t seem to get back in a good mood anymore. Even when I’m reading books and blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging and reading and I’m not going to stop it for anything because that’s my happy time, but I just don’t like that I’m…. getting so angry lately you know?

But also in other news, more good news, I was chosen to be an influencer for Cozy Library Creations! Which is my friend Adele’s Etsy shop that sells book sleeves, and I’m so freaking happy to be able to support her small business as much as I can. I already love taking photos of the sleeves that I’ve been getting, and I love all of the fabrics that she’s shown so far, which is freaking great because that means I get to get all of the sleeves that I can!

I think that’s all the personal updates this time around, but I feel like I said a lot in this post!

Gosh yes I loved sharing the playlists that I was into, although it may not necessarily be on repeat as much as you would think. I’m also not going to include the playlists that I created for blog tours since they are already around on my blog, but please feel free to take a look at those too. I had fun creating them.

I’ve been on a Criminal Minds kick lately, and it’s funny because I stopped at the same freaking spot that I usually, although I got one episode further than before!

I don’t think I’ve ever related to Dr. Spencer Reid as much as I did in this gif that I just randomly found. I’m kind of shocked that he only read five books, whenever this episode was.

On another note, I keep having very vivid dreams lately and I just don’t understand it. They are always different honestly, and I don’t understand what they are about most times. I was remembering them pretty well but the more they keep happening, the less I remember now. It was like I was dreaming about things that I thought I read about somewhere but I know I haven’t, and then people were saying that I should probably write those stories but now I don’t remember them. I don’t know. Strange. But I’m going to end this post on that note, and I’m curious to hear if anyone has ever had that kind of experience before. What did you do? What would you do?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! I miss you, fam.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Post – February 16, 2020

  1. I have to say, Criminal Minds is a great distraction. That show was disturbing and addictive. Good luck with school. You can do it! I always get sad, when I hear about people’s chem problems. My undergrad was in Chemical Engineering and my graduate degree is in physical science education. I taught chem for 12 years, and I love the way it helps me see the world. I hope it starts clicking for you.


  2. Criminal Minds is so dangerous because once you start it’s so hard to stop watching! I adore that show so much and Reid is such a marshmallow 😍 I love him! Btw, I don’t think I’ve asked you this yet but is chemistry compulsory to take even though you’re doing Business Admin? I find that odd? I hope it manages to click for you though! You can definitely do it 🙌🏽 Also, yes. I get lots of vivid dreams every night and a lot of the time they’re nightmares or have ‘dark undertones’ haha I’ve learned to just shake off the feeling as much as possible but I notice I have dreams in recurring places lol it’s very weird. We can talk about it if you want 😀 Have a great week ahead, Leelynn!


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