The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey

The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey

Title: The Library of Lost Things
Author: Laura Taylor Namey
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Format: Audiobook
Narrated By: Brittany Pressley
Length: 9 hours, 46 minutes
Publisher: Inkyard Press
Publish Date: October 8, 2019
Setting: California

Hoarding Disorder, Gory Accident (off screen)

I am sooooo glad that I got to read this novel as a buddy read with @ConSaborRC and it was just such an amazing experience for me! Click on their link to find their Twitter page, and maybe join us for the next buddy read. It’s Don’t Date Rosa Santos, and I’m so freaking excited to read that one!

  • Everyone needs a freaking Marisol Robles in their lives. Holy crap, she is an amazing girl.
  • I think I like Marisol more than Darcy, but I still like Darcy. Nothing wrong with her.
  • Damn Darcy. I can’t even imagine how you could handle this daily life. I’m so sorry.
  • Pilot’s license?! That sounds like a dream.
  • London, London, London. Sometimes I wonder about you. I don’t know if I like you, honestly.
  • Wow I’m so glad we get to see a lot of the Robles family in this novel.

Hoarding can take on many forms

I say this because there was a point in the novel where Darcy realized that her mother wasn’t the only one hoarding in her family. It actually took a moment of self-realization that yeah, Darcy herself hoarded in her own way in order to cope with everything that was happening. Darcy’s mom hoards items… nothing specific because she would always buy stuff online or get new makeup from her work and then it just got really bad. Basically the only place in the house that really didn’t have all her stuff was Darcy’s room, which of course Darcy tried to keep as neat as possible to combat the rest of the apartment.

Okay my bad, it’s an apartment, not a house. I could imagine how much more Darcy’s mom would have bought though if they had an actual house rather than an apartment.

But yeah while Darcy’s mom hoarded things, Darcy hoarded words and stories from the books that she would read. It was almost like she had a photographic memory or something because she pretty much memorized all of the Shakespeare plays that she read, and some others as well.

But it took her to say it out loud and compare it to her mom that she realized that she also had a “hoarding” issue.

Everyone needs a Marisol in their life

Yes, that was a huge ass theme that I got throughout the whole novel because it’s already been a few days or so since I finished this and the one thing that has stuck with me this entire time is that Marisol was the best friend Darcy could ever have. Seriously, like I don’t know how Darcy even got through certain things in her life without Marisol, and I’m so freaking glad that she realized that. I’m kind of curious to see if there’s going to be an aftermath of what happens after they go to college in separate parts of the state, and hopefully they will be able to maintain their friendship despite the distance.

I mean seriously. Like I swear I don’t even know how to talk about anything else besides Marisol because she was the one that really stuck with me throughout the entire novel. Whenever there were times that we didn’t get to see Marisol or when her and Darcy were separated just because they were each doing something else they needed to, I would have rather been with Marisol and going through her life than Darcy’s. And of course, this isn’t to say that I didn’t like Darcy at all. I just felt like when you compare the two friends, Marisol left more of an impression than Darcy did.

I was proud of the development that I saw with Darcy and Asher. I think that Asher really grew form even before we got to meet him in the novel, because we were only seeing the aftermath of the car accident that he got into. He already had time to learn how to grieve what happened to him, and learn how to keep pushing and keep going even when he felt like all of his dreams were just shattered. And I also liked that we were able to see Asher tell some truth to Darcy about her wanting to hide pieces of herself from him, and how he wasn’t okay with that but he said it in a way that was respectful of both his own morals and her feelings.

Then there was Darcy and how she had to realize that she needed to learn how to do things for herself, not always thinking about her mother – although I know if I were in her position, I would have done anything that I could to not abandon my mother. I know this. But she also needed to learn how to stand up for herself too, and have those kinds of adult conversations with her mom and grandma in order to get what she needed from them. It wasn’t like she was taking advantage of them at all, but she also wasn’t being true to herself in what she could ask for, and what she needed to ask for.

I was so freaking sad for Darcy at a lot of the points where her mom would end up buying more things. I honestly need to see if this is me, because I don’t know how many times I’m always buying something and just keeping them…. yes I’m mostly talking about books but hey we talked about how that is a form of hoarding as well. While Darcy’s mom hoarded STUFF that wasn’t limited to one type of thing, Darcy hoarded WORDS, and Leelynn hoards BOOKS and oops. I’m not a character in this novel am I?

But anyway.

So I was sad for Darcy feeling like she was drowning in having to grow up so quickly. I was sad when Darcy and Marisol weren’t together. I was proud of Darcy for being able to be truthful to Asher finally about certain things – well I’m not gonna spoil it but that part was just great. I was also so hungry??? That’s not really an emotion but I was definitely feeling hungry whenever Darcy would eat at Marisol’s house. Ugh that Cuban food sounds amazing. Well they had Mexican food too, since Marisol is Mexican-Cuban and just all the different types of food sounded amazing. Could not deny.

I don’t even need to separate these out because I thought every single one of these was perfect. Super very happy with everything about this novel, seriously. Like… yeah.

Seriously! Loved this book so much and I was so freaking glad that I got to buddy read this with the Con Sabor Challenge. And I’m hoping that the recap of the live is up so you can watch it and just feel all the love from Natalia, Nox, Astrid, and Dani and us that got to watch and type and laugh when we were making jokes. It was just a great time. Seriously.

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