Book Blitz: Love and Hiplife by Nana Prah

Book Blitz: Love and Hiplife by Nana Prah

You know what? Book Blitz can be pretty fun! I end up learning about books that I probably wouldn’t have found on my own, and then I get to share some of the information about it and try to find a copy of it myself to read it! It works out for all of us, doesn’t it? Thanks so much to Honmag PR for this opportunity to share this novel by Nana Prah. Click on the banner for more information and to see some of the other tours they have in store!

Love and Hiplife

by Nana Prah
Publisher: Love Africa Press
Release Date: January 13, 2020
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Lamisi Imoro will do anything to complete her PhD before the extension is up. It doesn’t matter who dies, leaves her high and dry, or hates her guts, she’s on fire. But, her supervisor wants to prove just how much he’d love to see her fail by throwing obstacles to thwart her from reaching her goal. Desperate for help and nowhere else to turn, she’s forced to ask for the assistance of the hiplife artist who once saved her from a nasty fall. She finds that their scorching attraction is a problem and is determined to tamp her rising emotions because nothing will stop her from getting what she set out to accomplish.

Blaise Ayoma is on the verge of taking African Francophone countries by storm with his new style of music. Learning how to sing in French without butchering the beautiful language is harder than he thought. Multi-linguist, Lamisi is the key to his success. When his presence in her life puts her in danger, will he end the budding relationship in order to keep her safe?


Nana Prah first discovered romance in a book from her eighth-grade summer reading list and has been obsessed with it ever since. Her fascination with love inspired her to write in her favorite genre where happily-ever-after is the rule.

She is a published author of contemporary, multicultural romances. Her books are sweet with a touch of spice. When she’s not writing she’s reading, over-indulging in chocolate, and enjoying life with friends and family. 

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