Favorite Posts 002

Favorite Posts 002

Here’s another round up of some of my favorite posts around the bookish community!

  • 3 Bookish Wishes – Chelcie @ Booknerd Chelcie

    “If there was a bookish genie, what are the three things that I would wish for?  There are honestly so many things that I would wish for that it’s so hard to choose just three.”

  • Diversity in YA Books – Aditi @ One in a Million

    “Someone who’s reading this will think, But there’s already so many diverse books! Why are you exaggerating this so much? Because it’s not enough.”

  • The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep by H.G. Perry – Sammie @ The Writerly Way

    The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep is Inkheart for adults, replete with famous Victorian characters, a bookish protagonist, a disillusioned older brother (aren’t they all?!), and relatable sibling struggles. Oh, and a hellhound named Henry.”

  • #Augvocacy2019: Identity on the Margins – Finding Your Own Voice – Shealea @ Shut Up Shealea (written by Sabiya)

    ” Although it’s an integral part of myself, it’s not written on my skin. Moreover, there’s no visible identifier because I don’t wear the hijab.”

  • The Pros & Cons of Critical Reading – Brittany @ Brittany the Book Guru

    ” Once I found the online presence of the book community, it took a lot of honing my own personal tastes and realizing what I liked or didn’t like in books to get to the stage of critical reading I’m at now. And in the sense of reading to review, I’m happy with that.”

  • My (not great) feelings about book ratings – Fadwa @ Word Wonders

    ” If I adore a book I rate it 5 stars, yell about it until I find my next 5 star read, rince and repeat. But then 2019 rolled around and I found myself overthinking, dessicating and analyzing every single rating I give every single book. It’s not fun. But this was exacerbated with 5 stars ratings. “

  • Book Review: A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi – Carolina @ Santana Reads

    ” Ocean is my new favorite white boi I must protecc, and I have such a crush on him. I also have a crush on Shirin. *shakes in bisexual*

I’m debating on if I should separate these (in the same post) based on Book Reviews, Memes, Discussion Posts, personal posts, etc. That way I can add a little bit in each section. Hmmm… I may do that. It’s more fun that way, I think.

12 thoughts on “Favorite Posts 002

  1. That last line of that last excerpt from the review has me cracking up! Haha *shakes in bisexual* — gotta love it 😂 I’ll definitely be sure to check these out. Thanks for continuing to share the love, Leelynn!

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