Tuesday Talks – Shop or Browse?

Tuesday Talks – Shop or Browse?

Hey everyone! Sorry I’m posting a little late this week but at least I’m actually writing a post! Once again, if you’re interested in past topics from this year or even want to start your own blog/vlog, be sure to check out the GoodReads group Tuesday Talks.

Do you shop for specific books, or are you a browser?

I think it really depends on what my mood is when I walk into the bookstore. Some days, I just want to go in to see what new books are in there, and so I don’t have anything particular that I’m looking for. I think that’s the worst time for me to go to the bookstore though, because when I’m in browsing mode then I can buy up to 10 books at a time or even more. So not good for my wallet, but way awesome for my bookshelf. Which reminds me, I still need to eventually get another shelf for my growing collection.

Now, if I’m on GoodReads or Instagram and I see potentially amazing books that I should have in my hands like right now, then I will go to the bookstore on a mission to see if it’s even there. I think I should actually call them first and make sure that it’s in stock before making my way there, so that I don’t go there disappointed when they don’t have it. Then again, if it’s not there then I end up finding other books to buy! I think I have a book addition, guys.

This one was pretty short and to the point, but that’s perfect. So either way, I’m buying books guys. What do you guys think? Do you shop for specific books or are you a browser? Or are you like me and does it depend on your mood? Let me know in the comments below.

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