Tuesday Talks – Soundtrack for Favorite Books

Tuesday Talks – Soundtrack for Favorite Books

Hey everyone! Another week, another Tuesday Talks! I love that I’ve been able to actively participate in the discussions this year. I hope to keep it up. If you’re curious about what exactly Tuesday Talks is or want to start joining in yourself, be sure to check out the GoodReads group.

If you could put together a soundtrack for your favorite book(s), what songs would you choose?

Oh I’m really excited about this topic! I loved making playlists at one time, when I didn’t have an mp3 player and would have to listen to songs on a CD player. I would make my own CD mixes to listen to, and a lot of them had to do with love and heartbreak funnily enough. I still love those CDs though, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think I’ve ever made a soundtrack for my favorite books. I’m going to choose two of my favorite books from this year to do this exercise, and hopefully you guys will see why I chose these songs. Here we go!

Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard (playlist here)

1. Castle – Halsey

“I’m headed straight for the castle. They got the kingdom locked up. And there’s an old man sitting on the throne that’s saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut.”

2. The Mighty Fall – Fall Out Boy feat. Big Sean

“Your crooked love is just a pyramid scheme, and I’m dizzy on dreams. But if you ask me two’s a whole lot lonelier than one.”

3. You Should Know Where I’m Coming From – Banks

“What if I said I could break your heart? What if I said I have problems that made me mean?

4. Dead To Me – Melanie Martinez

“My condolences. I’ll shed a tear with your family.”

5. HFH (Heart F*cking Hurts) – Mia Martina

“It’s too late for a fix. I’m a wreck over this.”

6. Bed of Lies – Nicki Minaj feat. Skylar Grey

“You could never make eye contact. Everything you got was based off of my contacts.”

7. Bad Love – Caitlyn Scarlett

“You can’t separate, what you need and what you want. Bad love isn’t better than none.”

8. Centuries – Fall Out Boy

“And just one mistake is all it will take. We’ll go down in history. Remember me for centuries.”

9. Battle Cry – Imagine Dragons

“Nobody can save me now. The king is crowned. It’s do or die.”

10. Better Off – Emily Vaughn

“So hard to say that we might be better off moving on without each other.”

The Siren – Kiera Cass (playlist here)

1. Be Okay – Oh Honey

“I’m wide awake, so what’s the point of dreaming when your life is great?”

2. Bad Intentions – Niykee Heaton

“This is the face I wear treading the riptide. Abysmal oceans where good girls go to die.”

3. Sea Song – Lisa Hannigan

“There’s one man, he’s like the wishful thinking in my life.”

4. Only Love Can Hurt Like This – Paloma Faith

“Only love can hurt like this. Must have been a deadly kiss.”

5. All Of You – Betty Who

“But I wanna go and get lost with you, my love. I want you to give me all of you.”

6. Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran

“You got the kind of look in your eyes as if no one knows anything but us.”

7. Like The Sea – Alicia Keys

“Love is like the sea, leaves you on your knees.”

8. Thank You for the Broken Heart – J. Rice

“Cause if it wasn’t for you, I might forget, how it feels to let go.”

9. I Was Made for Loving You – Tori Kelly feat. Ed Sheeran

“I’ll take this chance, so call me blind. I’ve been waiting all my life.”

10. The Girl – City and Colour

“I wish I could do better by you, ’cause that’s what you deserve.”

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