Matched – Book Review

Matched – Book Review

There’s always something particular about dystopian societies in the future that make people keep coming back to read them. It doesn’t matter how many books out there in this genre, it will always remain one of the most popular types of books to read. It all depends on what makes each one different from the others.

The Society has been at peace for as long as they can remember. As long as its citizens follow the rules, there will be no trouble at all. Everyone has their place, everyone has their jobs to do, and everyone has a role in the survival of the human race. Some will bring in the next generation, and others will be Singles, where their use to the Society will not be involved in making more babies. In the Society, everything is perfect, and Cassia has no need to question how things are run.

Until one day when the perfect Society makes a mistake in her Match.

How can Cassia be matched with two different people? The Matching Ceremony told her that she was matched with her best friend Xander, someone she knew her entire life, someone who could she could feel safe with. But when she took a glance at Xander’s information card, another face popped up on the screen, someone else she knew from her life but someone she had never really seen until the Society told her to. From that moment, everything she knew about the Society changed. It wasn’t perfect like she grew up knowing it to be, and she couldn’t help but become more and more curious about Ky, the other face on the screen. 

Would she have fallen in love with him if it wasn’t for that mistake? Was she meant to be matched with Ky in the first place? So many questions run through her mind, and it is in this journey that she discovers something powerful and dangerous about what the Society has been keeping from them, and it comes from the most unlikely of sources.

“Do not go gentle.”

I thought that this book was a really great read. This is actually my second time reading it, but I decided to review it this time around. It’s so interesting to see that there are those in dystopian societies that just accept things for the way they are. They don’t question whether the Government should be doing what they are doing, or even what is really going on behind the scenes. I love seeing the little acts of rebellion from Cassia’s grandfather, the one who basically helped her wake up to what was going on and make her think for herself. This is the first book in the trilogy, and I need to know if Cassia ever finds Ky again, if she ends up doing something so drastic that it makes the Society change their ways. I basically need to know if Cassia becomes the hero that I want her to be.

Rated: 5/5 Stars

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