Tuesday Talks – New Plot Lines in my Genre of Choice

Tuesday Talks – New Plot Lines in my Genre of Choice

Hey everyone!

Welcome to this week’s addition of Tuesday Talks. Man I’m actually really proud of myself for keeping up for the most part this year. Sure, it’s only February but that’s already two months of the year down and that’s a feat in and of itself. Don’t forget, if you are interested in joining the GoodReads group and weighing in on our weekly discussions, please check out the group and tell us what you think.

What new plot lines would you like to see in your genre of choice?

First, I think it’s important to actually tell you my genre of choice. That would definitely be YA all around. I do tend to lean towards Paranormal YA books, dealing with vampires, werewolves, witches, anything supernatural. YA books have always been my favorite and I don’t think that will ever change. It’s not really a plot line that I’m interested in but I would really love to read more mermaid books, like Deep Blue, one of the books that I’ve read recently and still need to write up my review. Mermaids are so underrated and there is so much potential in writing a really good mermaid book. Deep Blue was definitely one of them.

Another thing I want to see when it comes to YA books is more books dealing with female leads working together rather than the whole mean girl thing. It’s not very prevalent in so much of the books that I’ve read so far, but it was really prominent in Deep Blue and it actually becomes very important in the rest of the saga. I don’t like always reading about girls fighting with one another, whether it’s for the affections of the same boy or some other trivial thing. When girls take their differences and actually work together to fight the bigger picture, that’s something worth reading, and that’s something worth supporting.

I think I can list another thing that I would love to see. It’s probably because I haven’t really read as much books throughout my life that I would like, but I would love to read more books about dragon mythology. I’ve only read Eragon so far, and while I still need to reread it and finish the rest of the series, I think there need to be more dragon books. Dragons are some of the coolest creatures ever, and they need a lot more attention.

As you can see, I live for the supernatural world. I would rather read those than YA contemporary books. It’s a nice break from the real world where I still haven’t found proof that mermaids and dragons exist. Maybe if that proof comes to light, then I’ll be fine living in this reality, but for now, I need more of these books.

I feel like this post was all over the place, and I deeply apologize for this. Are there any specific plot lines or general topics in your personal genre of choice that you would like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

One thought on “Tuesday Talks – New Plot Lines in my Genre of Choice

  1. I definitely agree with you about friendships, particularly between girls. I can't think of a YA book that I've read recently that has a good friendship in it…at least where girls are concerned. They are always fighting, trying to steal each others boyfriends, jealous of each other, you know how it is. And that is not particularly real. Sure girls fight sometimes, everyone does, but they also have strong friendships, not just fighting fests. Nice post!


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