Enchantment – Book Review

Enchantment – Book Review

In a world where someone’s name can determine the kind of powers they have, it’s very important to make sure that those powers aren’t dangerous in an unnecessary way. In this case, Channie – short for her full name Enchantment – and her parents did not heed that warning. Her powers are even more powerful than her own parents sometimes, and she takes advantage of the fact that she can get people to do just about anything she wants. So why is it that Channie’s personality is anything but enchanting at all?

It’s very difficult for me to review this book in full because it was very difficult for me to get through it. I was very frustrated with Channie’s behavior, along with her entire family as well. She was very disrespectful to her family, using her own powers on them to make her parents do what she wanted. Of course, this is probably something that the author did on purpose, but it made it really difficult for me to get through. I feel like it made Channie hard to get behind, to see her as someone that I would want to relate to. I also felt like this book did have some potential to be an amazing story. How often do you find a story about a girl with powers that come from her name? It was the first of its kind for me, and I was really excited to read it and get through this amazing concept of a story. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed.

I’m sorry that this review is not up to my normal standards, but it’s one that I just would not recommend to anyone who has high expectations like I do.

Rated: 2/5 Stars

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