Anna and the French Kiss – Book Review

Anna and the French Kiss – Book Review

Who wouldn’t kill to have the opportunity to spend an entire school year in Paris? Apparently, Anna thinks it’s a horrible idea and fights it even while she’s already in the beautiful country of France. Luckily for her, even though she doesn’t think so at the moment, her parents don’t give her the satisfaction of spending her senior year of high school in Atlanta. At her new school, she will have to learn how to immerse herself into the French culture, pick up on the language, and everything else that comes with studying abroad.

Anna meets an amazing group of students at her new boarding school, including one very charming boy named Etienne St. Clair, and she is immediately smitten. They live close to one another in the dorms, are in some of the same classes, and Etienne really helps Anna learn how to adjust to being in a new country and a new school. They are the perfect couple, even if they aren’t an actual couple. There’s just one problem:

Etienne has a girlfriend, and it’s not Anna.

While this may have the “typical” Young Adult love triangle that seems to resonate strongly in a lot of other books, I didn’t feel like this one was that terrible. It didn’t feel like it was unnecessary to me, and it didn’t start off as a love triangle at all. Etienne knew how he felt about his girlfriend, and was very loyal to her even with his friendship with Anna. It wasn’t until his girlfriend started getting really jealous about him being with Anna that the relationship starting to crumble. Even though Anna really started to like Etienne, when she found out that he was seeing someone else, she made sure that she didn’t act on her feelings.

I feel like this book could have been a standalone book, but it looks like it is part of a trilogy. The other two books don’t seem to have anything to do with Anna and the rest of the characters from this book, but since I have yet to read it so I don’t know for sure. Anna really grew into herself by going to Paris, going to this boarding school and living out on her own. I feel like she needed this in order to find herself and become her own woman. She learned her own worth by not allowing her crush from Atlanta to string her along while he went out with her best friend without saying anything. By the time she comes back to Atlanta, she tells him just where he can stick it, and it was such a worthwhile moment.

Rated: 5/5 Stars

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