Tuesday Talks: Favorite Books or Series for 2015 (January 05, 2016)

Tuesday Talks: Favorite Books or Series for 2015 (January 05, 2016)

Hey guys!

I’m really sorry about disappearing for pretty much an entire year. It sucked for me probably as much as it did for you, especially since I love coming on here and writing about my thoughts on books and literature. Even though there were many books that I did end up reading, I didn’t have a chance to write about it as thoroughly as I wanted to. The same thing ended up happening with Tuesdays Talks. I’m going to try to bring it back into my schedule this year, even though I am a couple days late this week. It’s the first Tuesday Talk segment of the year, so at least I don’t have that much catching up to do. Same as before, please feel free to leave me any comments you have, as I would love to have a discussion with you all.

Favorite books or series of 2015.

I read almost 40 books in the span of last year, and pretty much all of them were series. I may not have finished all of them last year, but there was one that really stood out in my mind. That series was The Selection by Kiera Cass. When I first read the description of the first book, The Selection, I felt like it was a cross between The Hunger Games and Cinderella, or something else that dealt with royalty and princesses. This series takes place in our future, long after The United States of America has fallen from the face of the Earth. Funny enough, the main protagonist of the series is named America, and by the time you read through her stories, you find out exactly why her parents named her after this country.

This series was also a little weird for me because it felt like it could have ended with three books instead of the future five books in total. In actuality, Cass herself even mentioned that it was supposed to be three books but ended up writing two more. The last two books, however, don’t have America as the main character. This could have potential to cause some confusion, but not for long. It all becomes a matter of which protagonist you like better.

All in all, this was my favorite series of last year and I honestly can’t wait to read the final book, which comes out later on this year. I know that there were many more series to look out for and if I had more time to read last year, I would have read them all.  I will say that an honorable mention for favorite series of 2015 would have to be Vampire Academy, but since I only read two books in that series last year, I won’t consider it my favorite. Don’t get me wrong though, Rose Hathaway will always be my number one girl, but this year it was all about America Singer.

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