The A-List by Zoey Dean – Book Review

The A-List by Zoey Dean – Book Review

The ridiculously tacky song was actually delivering an important message – that even though Anna had just had her heart shattered, and even though she had to fight the urge to hop on the next plane for New York, it was all happening on her terms. In essence, it was time to party. Because for once, Anna Cabot Percy was free.

If you had the chance to change your life, leave everything behind and make a new name for yourself, would you take it? In a sense, this is exactly what Anna Percy does, trading the lavish life of the Upper East Side for a chance to take on an internship in the oh-so wonderful Beverly Hills. The reason why Anna decides to leave – besides the fact that her internship in the UES fell through – is that she wants to change her life. No longer does she want to be prim and proper, just like her mother. She wants to have an exciting life, like her best friend Cyn, who has done some pretty crazy and exciting things in her 18 years of life. Anna wants to reinvent herself, and moving temporarily to live with her father in Beverly Hills seems like the perfect starting point.

Her adventure begins on the plane, where her first test comes to fruition. The way she handles the situation is the start of the new Anna, and it only goes on from there. She still retains some of her breeding, as that is something that she will not let go of very easily, but from the moment she gets on that plane, she makes decisions in her life that will change the way she takes on new situations. The more the book goes on (and the rest of the books, as this is a series), we see a change to Anna and we can’t help but applaud her.

For every protagonist, there are formidable antagonists, and they come in the form of Samantha Sharpe, Delia Young, and Cammila Sheppard – better known as the Unholy Trinity. Each girl has their own personality, but they are all extremely threatened when they see Anna for the first time. Every book needs their own set of Mean Girls right? Well these three will give you a run for your money, although there may be times where you actually feel sorry for them. Does this change the fact that they can be extremely cruel to Anna for no logical reason whatsoever? Not at all. These three are the type of girls that you love to hate, or are at least grateful that they stir up some drama. After all, Anna’s change of lifestyle can’t be completely conflict-free, right?

All in all, this is a great first book for the series.  Zoey Dean does an excellent job at portraying the colloquialisms of teenage girls that care more about high class, high priced items. She names famous brands of clothes, shoes, purses, and other items that those of the rich and famous would care about. It is also nice to see Anna slowly come out of her shell, despite her inner thoughts telling her otherwise. I look forward to reading the rest of the series in the future.

Rated: 5/5 Stars

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