#BEspring2020 Series: Book Prop Fever

#BEspring2020 Series: Book Prop Fever

Today I got to go outside with the dogs and just sit down on my picnic table and do some meditation. It was so healing and peaceful for me, and just feeling the sun come down on my face and just breathe. Sometimes taking a break from social media, from electronics, from the stressors of any given day just helps to reset my mood and get me going again. I’m glad it was way warmer than it was yesterday. I didn’t even need a sweater so that was great! It made me miss Hawaii so much.

Today’s prompt for Bookending Spring comes from Megan & Crystal @ Ginger Mom and Company. Thank you to Sam @ Fictionally Sam for sharing the post for this week due to Megan and Crystal being unable to at this time.

Share some of your favorite spring-themed book photo props (bonus points if they’re very affordable or super unique)!

Ahh okay well. Book props, got it!

Fake Flowers

So I’m not the greenest person in the world, and I can’t plant or keep plants alive because I’m just a terrible person. But I’ve bought me a few fake flowers to give me some colors around my house and I’ll use them in some of my photos to give more pop or just make me feel warm and fun. I don’t know. I really love seeing flowers in photos and being around flowers. It’s a weird feeling and I don’t know if I’m explaining it well but I just really love being around that kind of nature.

You can buy fake flowers either from craft stores or even a dollar store!

A Bench

I like to put my books on the bench that my husband built for our house because it’s just really nice for me to sit there and give some height to my books so they aren’t on the ground. It also helps me to stack some books too if I have a big stack so… yeah I don’t know! If there’s a favorite place outside that you like to sit and relax at, then I would recommend taking a book out there and taking some pictures out there too.

But whatever you end up choosing friends, make sure that it brings YOU joy. These photos are definitely for you and we all appreciate everything that you put in to making your photos fit YOU.

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