#BookBlogtober Series: Bookish Pumpkin Carving Ideas

#BookBlogtober Series: Bookish Pumpkin Carving Ideas

I may have repeated gifs by this time but OH WHALE

Thank you again so much Entertainingly Nerdy for showing me this prompt post on Twitter, and thank you so much to the amazing Jenniely for creating this last year!

Confession: I’ve never carved a pumpkin in my life.

I mean, maybe you can do your favorite character, or symbol from your favorite book? Something simple so that you aren’t hurting yourself.

Or you could totally just draw it even though it’s not technically carving.

But I’m not artistic either way so it really wouldn’t matter.

I found a Pinterest link for some ideas for you guys though!

Just click on this photo

See, I’m useful.

6 thoughts on “#BookBlogtober Series: Bookish Pumpkin Carving Ideas

  1. Whaaat? You need to carve a pumpkin this year, woman. You’re missing out. XD add some alcohol and some friends and it’s suddenly a fun group activity. I’m really bad at both carving and art, but I always love looking at all the delightfully bookish carvings people come up with.

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  2. Pumpkin carving when I was young was always the symbol of fall. You didn’t want to do it too early, or the jack-o-lantern would rot before Halloween. But too late, and you ran out of time to make it a good one. I haven’t carved pumpkins in ages, but it was always a favorite fall activity when I was a kid. (You do need to do it at least once… though maybe save the alcohol Sammie suggests for after you’ve made the first few cuts to get the pumpkin’s top off. That can be a bit dangerous if you’re not in good control of the knife.)

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    1. OMG that’s right. The rotting! I totally forgot about that. So that’s a good note. Not doing it too early to prevent rotting before actual Halloween. I’ll have to remember that. LOL okay okay I’ll do it at least once thennnnnn. I’ll have to try it with my husband or something then. I’ll have him drink so I can laugh at him LOL jk jk.

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