Sunday Post – September 1, 2019

Sunday Post – September 1, 2019

So on Twitter last Sunday, I made a post saying that I was going to do away with the Weekly Wrap Up and do Sunday Post instead. Why? Because I wrap up the week on WWW Wednesday already, and I like showing that I have a life outside of reading. Do I really though? We’ll see.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, new hauls, and more.

I know I already have an excel sheet that lists all of my ARCs to read, but I feel like if I post it on my blog every single week, it (and you) will keep me accountable on actually getting to them. Let’s hope this works!

So I won’t list ALL my ARCs because if I did, you guys would be super disappointed in me. But I’ll post 10: Five that are my next blog tour posts, and Five that are came out a long time ago but only got recently, that I need to get to. Does that work? I hope so.

  • Ingrid, The Viking Maiden by Kelly N. Jane
  • Wages of Death: Shadow for Hire by Peter Last
  • The Pachinko Girl by Vann Chow
  • Feminism: From A to Z by Gayle Pittman
  • Book of Souls by Nadine Nightingale
  • Only Ashes Remain by Rebecca Shaeffer (9/3)
  • More Than a Game by Ralph Robb (9/4)
  • She’s the Worst by Lauren Spieller (9/8)
  • Starchild Book One by Vacen Taylor (9/9)
  • Children of Sinai by Shelley Clarke (9/11)

You would think that all of my posts are my favorites, but alas that is not true at all. So here, I figured that I would share with you my favorite post that I wrote and shared with you all during the past week, so you can check it out and let me know if it was good or not. This week, my favorite post was:

Give the Dark My Love by Beth Revis

I finally got through that book, and I’m so glad I did!

I’ll combine my library and purchased book hauls here, because we all know that I have an addiction to books and that’s never going to change.

You guys do realize that whenever you recommend me something on Twitter or on my blog, I end up trying to find it and read it right? So keep them coming! I love to hear your thoughts on what I should read, what I shouldn’t read, all that jazz.

This also isn’t including the books that I already have sitting on my kitchen table waiting for me to read. I feel like I need to do a Labor Day weekend Readathon so I can catch up. No eating, no sleeping, just reading. Who’s down?

I may do a massive unhauling of certain books. I’m not sure yet. But I am in love with book mail, so whenever I see packages waiting for me at home, I get so happy!

Also, if you’re wondering why all my hauls aren’t pictured together, it’s because I hate to wait until the end of the week to take pictures of all of them. Maybe I’ll try it next week and see how it looks! Less pictures and all that.

Do you know how excited I was to find out I was accepted for both of these blog tours?? Like, I was jumping up and down excited.

Hopefully more good things than bad happen in my personal life, but I’ll choose to share them all with you. Because I love you guys. And you are my fam.

Well I had some weird ass nightmares honestly. They weren’t fun, clearly. I think they were mixtures of Avatar the Last Airbender, Nevernight, and I don’t know what else. It was very strange. It bothered me. Hopefully I can start to sleep better. The ambien certainly knocks me out nicely, but as far as actually keeping me asleep for my full 8 hours, it hasn’t been working. I’ll have to let my doctor know about that the next time I see her, or if it doesn’t get any better, I’ll have to call her about it.

We got to leave early from work on Friday, but then again I had my follow up appointment from my sleep study so I was already leaving early. But I’m glad that the rest of the office got to leave as well. I know we were all excited to have a half day, but that didn’t necessarily work out. Still, this was a nice surprise.

Also this isn’t about me personally, but my best friend in the entire world gave birth to her daughter this week! I was so worried about her because she was having major complications throughout the entire pregnancy, and honestly I was worried that either her or the baby weren’t going to make it safely, but they both are okay! She named her Madilyn Lee (and I totally spy my name in there but that’s beside the point lol). I’m just so happy for her and her new addition to the family and I can’t wait to meet little Madilyn!

Sometimes I actually like to watch some shows. I mean, I’ll never finish any of them because I have a problem with that, but at least I can share them with you.

H2O: Just Add Water

I love Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt and I’m so glad that they got to be mermaids growing up. It’s my absolute favorite show in the world and I’m rewatching it from the beginning! I think the only thing I’m sad about is that in the third season, Claire’s character “moved” so she wasn’t even in it anymore. It wasn’t the same.

Lost Girl

My WIP is based off this show and I’m so bummed that it ended after Season 5! And I refuse to watch the last season because that means its OVER!

Ouran High School Host Club

I love this anime so much. It’s one of those that I just like to go and visit every once in a while because it makes my heart happy.

I’ll get into my moods where I have a favorite Spotify playlist that I can’t get enough of. Usually it’s the same playlist, but I’ll be sure to share a playlist that’s different as much as possible. Or at least a song that I have on repeat. Who knows?

You always gotta wrap up a post with a ribbon on top, right?

Well, I hope you enjoyed going through my week with me. See, sometimes I have a life outside of books? Although I definitely love to read as much as possible because I don’t get to do it as much as I want. I say that, and yet I seem to get through books pretty quickly.

Thanks, fam!

13 thoughts on “Sunday Post – September 1, 2019

  1. This post is the best and OMG congrats to your friend!! That’s so relieving that mumma and baby are all okay espec after a tricky pregnancy <33333

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I would love to see your librarians face when you pick up all of your requests 😂 I’ve been really into library books since I finally picked up Circe so I feel like you are having a strong influence on me 😂 Also, I’m so happy that your best friend was able to safely deliver her baby and that everything went alright! Madilyn Lee is a super cute name! I also love H20 and was just watching episodes a few days ago!😂 It sounds like you had a great week! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Every single time, they are like *uhhh…… * I think they think I’m not going to read them all, and honestly sometimes I wonder myself lol. But I have slowly been getting through them so I am totally make progress ❤

      I'm glad you're going to the library! Seriously I think it helps when I end up requesting something that they don't have, because then they can get it. They've done that for a few of the books I wanted so far, and I thought that was so cool!

      Yes, I'm so glad too! Ugh I was honestly so worried about her, and I was so scared about her honestly. But now that everything is okay, I am so relieved and can't wait to meet Madilyn Lee!

      Thank you so much, Brittany ❤ This was a good week, and I hope I get to have more like them. Ugh H2O is the bestttttt

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t ever requested that my library get a book that they didn’t have but only because I didn’t know I could! I’ve wanted SO many books that they just don’t have, so I need to try doing that! I’m SOOO glad that Madilyn and her mom are both safe and that everything turned out okay ♥


  3. I saw The City of Brass and had to immediately scroll to the end of the post. IT’S SUCH A GOOD BOOK. Seriously. It’s the best thing I’ve read all year and I want all of my friends to read it haha. Have a good week!

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  4. Omg, someone also watches H2O. It’s literally one of my favorite shows, and I really couldn’t be the only one who wished they could be the mermaid just like Cleo, Emma, Rikki and Bella. They’re powers are so awesome. I’d kill to have a power similar to one of them, since it does look so cool.

    The only reason why Claire wasn’t in the third season was because of other movies. She would have been in the 4th season according to the rumors, before they cancelled it and I’m still so bitter. I need to know what really happened and Mako Mermaids does not cut it, because that show is so boring and confusing.

    I’m also on the Relic tour and I’m really finding it so interesting. And Crier’s War is really interesting, I’m not sure who the host is for yours, but I really hope it doesn’t disappoint, though I should really get on those two ARC’s along with those author requests that are piling up in my inbox.

    I’ve read Crown of Feathers and it was really interesting though it does tend to get quite info-dumpy especially in the beginning. I’m still trying to read Lara Dean, but I’m in the slump to the point where anything I read will automatically get on my nerves and I will rate it so lowly. And the other books, I have them on my TBR.

    Opposite of always is one of my favorite books, and I personally loved how much the time-traveling aspect was in the book, and the romance was really adorable. City of Brass was an okay read for me, but the sequel is really nice. Quite excited for the third book to be honest, and the rest fo your library haul I have on my TBR.

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    1. Oh wow there’s more people that watch H2O than I thought! That’s so cool. I’m glad you love it. See, I didn’t end up watching the third season because Claire wasn’t there, so I don’t really know about Bella. I’m sure she’s great, but she wasn’t Emma for me lol.

      Oh wow, I didn’t know that there was going to be a 4th season! And yeah, I’m kind of bummed that Netflix rebooted it because I don’t feel like it’s the same at all. It would have been cool if they brought back the same actors and had Phoebe and Claire back again now that they are grown. That would have been cool if they were into it.

      I’m glad you’re liking Relic so far! I haven’t started that one yet, so I don’t know yet. Crier’s War for mine is either FFBC or Caffeine Book Tours. I have to check.

      You’ve definitely read a lot of these books, and now I’m more excited to get to them!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Season three is actually really good. Bella is a fascinating character, so hopefully you’ll end up watching the the third season.

        Yeah there was supposed to be, but it got cancelled during the third season, and years later, Netflix rebooted it. Nothing really makes sense in that show, and it would have been cool to have Phoebe and Claire in it together again.

        Crier’s War must be for FFBC, since Caffiene Tours isn’t doing one.

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