Top Ten Tuesday: Stories that Need Continuing

Top Ten Tuesday: Stories that Need Continuing

I’m so sorry that this is late on Tuesday, but thank you so much Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting this weekly meme, and thanks for including a Linksy so that I can easily blog surf everyone’s T10T!

Since this week is a freebie, and I’m so unprepared, I think I’m going to do top 10 books that I need more stories of (or some fan fiction of that I can’t write but would love to if I was skilled enough). I think that would be fun, right?

I think if you read my review for this one, you’d know that I’m pretty obsessed with this novel. While I’m not really into Summer as much, I want to hear more about what happened to Brynn and Mia after Summer was killed, what happened after they found out who really did it, the aftermath of having their entire town falsely accuse them of murder. There was a tiny bit of what happened at the end, but that was not enough. I get why Oliver ended it like that though, and it was honestly perfect, but I need more Brynn and Mia.

I need to read more about Ellie’s past lives! I want to know about her past Guardians and how they ended up dying. I want to know what made her finally decide to bring on Will as her Guardian. I know why Will wanted to be her Guardian, but when did Ellie (past Ellie, whatever her name was back then) say “Okay Will, I’ll take you on.” I need to know!

I know there’s already 6 books in this series, and not to mention the spin off series (also 6 books), but I can’t get enough of this world. I can’t get enough of Rose Hathaway, okay? Just gimme more of Rose.

Well I mean I still have to read this one but give me anything about ATLA and give me more stories about the Four Nations! I think I mentioned this last week about having more books set in this location, and I’m all here for it. I can’t freaking WAIT for this one to come out. I also need more stories about the Gaang because hello? Suki is life.

This is like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Avatar The Last Airbender put together to form four bad ass girls saving the world. This is totally what the Effigies are about, and I want to know about every. single. one of them. I love hearing about Maia, and going through her discovery of being the next Fire Effigy and all that, but I want to know the origin story. I want to know about everything the other Effigies had to go through before Maia. How they felt when they died, how it felt when they found out they were an Effigy. Stuff like that.

Give me smutty fan fiction of Marisol!!! I want to know if her relationship ended up working out. I don’t even really read smut, but I’ll read it about Marisol!

Mayavati was my absolute favorite! I want to know what happens after everything that happened in this book. I want to know what else she ends up doing. I want to know more about her!

This one was honestly set up to give us a sequel, but the author passed away before that happened. Someone write some amazing fan fiction so I can know what happens next. I want to know why she doesn’t go by Selena?! Like that is the most beautiful name ever! Plus it totally gives mermaid vibes.

Apparently I’m a sucker for origin stories because I just want to know about ALL THE SIRENS. I want to know what ends up happening with Kahlen after her time was “up”. I want to know if Kahlen and Akinli live happily ever after. I want to know if there were other sirens that put in contingency plans. I want to know it all.

I want more T’Witches world! I know I have all 10 books, but like…. I need more Cam and Alex. I want to know how they grow up. I want to know what happened after the last book. I want to know everything. I just want to know.

I clearly have a problem. So many stories I want to read about and so many stories I wish I could write about, but just don’t have the artistic skills to do so!

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Stories that Need Continuing

    1. I appreciate you so much always linking me to your posts 🙂 It helps me find it much quicker.

      It was a great book! I think I wrote a review about it somewhere. I was so bummed to find out that the author passed away before finishing the sequel (if there was going to be one).

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  1. This is such a great topic! I really loved this post. It’s so interesting to think about what else one would like to know from a book, and without realizing it, I’ve thought about it many times before! I still haven’t read the Bloodlines series but I also love Rose from Vampire Academy. I haven’t read Siren but I do have the book, so I’ll read it at some point. All of the books sound really interesting, especially Broken Things. Thanks for this post!

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    1. Thanks so much! This was a hard one honestly, so it took me a lot longer to decide it that was the route I wanted to go in. I’m glad it worked out though!

      I would love to see what other people want to know from a book as well. I think it would be a good topic of discussion one day.

      I hope you like Siren! It’s been a few years since I read it honestly, but I liked it enough that I got a quote from it as a tattoo ❤ It's officially stuck with me for life.

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  2. There is SOOO much more I want to know about The Siren. I wish it was longer! I want origins! I want more of the mythology! I WANT IT ALLL. On the topic of wanting, I agree about Vampire Academy: give us more Rose!! I just reread it and Bloodlines earlier this year, but it was sooo not enough.

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    1. Me too! I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks so ❤ I want origins on like the first ever Siren, like how did that happen, and then the other Sirens that we end up meeting along the way and even before then! I just want all the sirens in my life lol.


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